December 8th - 12th, 2020, Las Vegas, NV

Marc J. Philippon, MD

Marc J. Philippon, MD
Honored Professor
Managing Partner, Sports Medicine, Hip Disorders, Hip Arthroscopy
The Steadman Clinic
Co-Chairman and Co-Director of Sports Medicine Fellowship
Steadman Philippon Research Institute
Dr. Marc J. Philippon is the Managing Partner of The Steadman Clinic and Co-Chairman of Steadman Philippon Research Institute and is known as one of the world's leading orthopaedic surgeons. Dr. Philippon joined The Steadman Clinic in 2005 from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center where he served as Director of Sports Medicine/Hip Disorders, Director of Sports Medicine/Hip Disorders Fellowship. He also was the Director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Golf Medicine Program. Previously, he served as Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

All Sessions by Marc J. Philippon, MD

Friday, December 13, 2019
Hip Sports
2:00 PM - 2:05 PM
(5 min)
Evolving Technique Update: 28-Year-Old With An Acetabular Labral Tear: Who You Shouldn't Operate On, Being Wise For Patient Selection For The Early Arthritic Hip Hip Sports
2:49 PM - 2:49 PM
(0 min)
Panel: Doc, I’m Afraid Of Pain!!! Post-Op Pain Control...My Way Is Best! Hip Sports
Panel ModeratorAndrew B. Wolff, MD
2:49 PM - 2:56 PM
(7 min)
Pro: Less Is More.. Don't Forget Capsule And Portal Injections - It Does The Trick Hip Sports
2:56 PM - 3:03 PM
(7 min)
Pro: Spinal Epidural: Let’s Get Moving Now Hip Sports
3:03 PM - 3:10 PM
(7 min)
Pro: Ilial Fascial Block: All Sensory & No Motor!! Hip Sports
4:19 PM - 4:34 PM
(15 min)
Honored Professor Lecture: Innovation in Hip Arthroscopy Hip Sports
4:46 PM - 4:46 PM
(0 min)
Mini-Panel: 47-Year-Old Female Triathlete With 2 Years Of Posterior Hip Pain? What Is This Pain In My Butt Hip Sports
Panel ModeratorMarc J. Philippon, MD
4:46 PM - 4:52 PM
(6 min)
Pro: It's Your Piriformis Silly!!! You Need to Relax & How I Treat It Hip Sports
4:52 PM - 4:58 PM
(6 min)
Pro: It's A Partial Hamstring Tear: A Kiss Of Death For The Endurance Athlete - Maybe Hip Sports
4:58 PM - 5:04 PM
(6 min)
Pro: You're All Wrong!! It's The Lumbar Spine Hip Sports
5:27 PM - 5:27 PM
(0 min)
Mini-Debate: Oh No! 17-Year-Old Cheerleader With Diminutive Labrum During Arthroscopy Hip Sports
Debate Moderator Hal Martin, DO
5:27 PM - 5:32 PM
(5 min)
Pro: I Have The Solution: Labral Augmentation Is all You Need! Hip Sports
5:32 PM - 5:37 PM
(5 min)
Pro: Are You Crazy?! Don't Touch It! Hip Sports
5:42 PM - 6:02 PM
(20 min)
Case Presentations With Rapid Fire Answers: Putting It All Together Hip Sports

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