H. Del Schutte, Jr., MD

H. Del Schutte, Jr., MD
Faculty, Medical University of South Carolina
Medical Director, East Cooper Medical Center’s Comprehensive Joint Program
Dr. Del Schutte is Medical Director of East Cooper Medical Center’s Comprehensive Joint Program in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. He currently serves as Chief of Surgery at East Cooper Medical Center. Dr. Schutte is the founder and director of Walk Nicaragua, providing the underserved with reconstructive orthopedic surgery and education.

All Sessions by H. Del Schutte, Jr., MD

Sunday, December 12, 2021
Hip Arthroplasty
9:13 AM - 9:19 AM
(6 min)
Evolving Technique: The Lipped Liner Is Not Sinful - The Ends Justify The Means! Hip Arthroplasty
Knee Arthroplasty
2:58 PM - 2:58 PM
(0 min)
Debate: 71-Year-Old Bowling Champion With No Medical Illnesses Ready For Her Total Knee Arthroplasty: Patella Resurfacing: Questions Should My Patella Be Resurfaced Knee Arthroplasty
Debate Moderator:H. Del Schutte, Jr., MD
2:58 PM - 3:03 PM
(5 min)
Pro: It Is Unnecessary To Resurface The Patella: Why Are You Doing This? The Literature Teaches Us The Right Answers Knee Arthroplasty
3:03 PM - 3:08 PM
(5 min)
Pro: I Always Resurface, It Is So Simple I Have Done For Years Knee Arthroplasty
3:08 PM - 3:11 PM
(3 min)
Rebuttal Knee Arthroplasty
3:29 PM - 3:35 PM
(6 min)
Evolving Technique: The 51-Year-Old Female Yoga Instructor With Pain After A Cementless Total Knee Arthroplasty - What I Do Knee Arthroplasty
4:40 PM - 5:05 PM
(25 min)
Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers: Time To Challenge The Experts: No Long Answers Please (Alignment Choices, Mid-Flexion Instability, When Navigation Goes Bad, Perioperative Truths) Knee Arthroplasty
Monday, December 13, 2021
Knee Arthroplasty
7:55 AM - 8:25 AM
(30 min)
Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers: Infections 1 Month Out, 3 Months Out, 12 Months Out, 5 Years Out - Lightening Round, Definitive Answers Please Knee Arthroplasty

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