December 8th - 12th, 2020, Las Vegas, NV

Michael J. Coughlin, MD

Michael J. Coughlin, MD
Professor of Orthopaedics
University of California, San Francisco
Head, Coughlin Foot & Ankle Clinic
St. Alphonsus Hospital
Michael J. Coughlin graduated from the University of Oregon Medical School in 1974 and did his orthopaedic training at the University of California-San Francisco and a foot and ankle fellowship in 1978. Following this, he returned to orthopaedic foot and ankle practice in Boise, Idaho. He was the youngest President of the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, serving from 1990 – 1991. He was also president of the International Federation of Foot and Ankle Society’s from 2002-2005. He is the co-editor of Surgery of the Foot and Ankle 9th Edition and edited three prior editions. It is considered “the bible” of foot and ankle surgery in the US. He has published over 200 scientific articles and over 500 scientific presentations on issues relating to the foot and ankle. He is a Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at University of California San Francisco; he is the Director of the Idaho Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Fellowship and practices orthopedic foot and ankle surgery in Boise, Idaho at the St Alphonsus Coughlin Foot and Ankle Clinic. He has been a consultant for the NFL for 9 years, and Co-chair of the Foot and Ankle subcommittee for Health and Safety for 7 years. He consults for the Green Bay Packers, and examines for them at the NFL combine yearly. He also consults for the Oregon Ducks and Boise State Broncos.

All Sessions by Michael J. Coughlin, MD

Wednesday, December 9, 2020
Foot & Ankle
1:05 PM - 1:05 PM
(0 min)
Panel: 45-Year-Old Female With Bunions (Big IM Angle) Who Wants One Surgery & Back On Her Heels: What You Do? Foot & Ankle
Panel Moderator:Michael J. Coughlin, MD
1:05 PM - 1:11 PM
(6 min)
Pro: Osteotomize: Do It Open, Save The Joint: It's The Gold Standard Foot & Ankle
1:11 PM - 1:17 PM
(6 min)
Pro: The Lapidus Procedure: Do It Open & Fuse - Reliable & Permanent Foot & Ankle
1:17 PM - 1:23 PM
(6 min)
Pro: The New Lapidus: Every Bunion Operation Should Be A Fusion Foot & Ankle
1:23 PM - 1:29 PM
(6 min)
Pro: MIS: Treat The Foot Not The X-Ray & Stop Going Open Foot & Ankle
1:39 PM - 1:39 PM
(0 min)
Debate: Hallux Varus: Recurrent Deformity & The Complications - How I Prevent Them Foot & Ankle
Debate Moderator:C. Niek Van Dijk, MD, PhD
1:39 PM - 1:44 PM
(5 min)
Pro: Recurrent Deformity: Why It Happens & What I Do To Avoid It & Correct It? Foot & Ankle
1:44 PM - 1:49 PM
(5 min)
Pro: Hallux Varus: Why It Happens & I Know How To Salvage A Good Result - Listen To Me Foot & Ankle
1:59 PM - 2:24 PM
(25 min)
Clinical Case Presentations With Audience Response & Questions & Answers (Open Mic): Bunions & Lesser Toe Deformity (Hallux Valgus, Hallux Varus, Lesser Toe Deformities) Foot & Ankle
3:06 PM - 3:06 PM
(0 min)
Section Moderator:Michael J. Coughlin, MD
5:42 PM - 5:52 PM
(10 min)
Featured Lecture: The Neglected Achilles Rupture: How To Bridge The Gap Foot & Ankle
Thursday, December 10, 2020
Foot & Ankle
10:13 AM - 10:23 AM
(10 min)
Featured Lecture: Lisfranc Fractures: Treatment Guide - What I Have Learned When I Made My Mistakes Foot & Ankle
10:28 AM - 10:48 AM
(20 min)
Clinical Case Presentations With Audience Response & Questions & Answers (Open Mic): Fractures & Midfoot Injuries (Calcaneal, Talus, Lisfranc Fractures & Midfoot Injuries) Foot & Ankle

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