Las Vegas

September 13-18

Spero G. Karas, MD
Professor of Orthopaedics
Emory Sports Medicine Center
Director, Orthopedic Sports Medicine Fellowship
Emory Sports Medicine
Dr. Karas is an associate professor of orthopedics at Emory University in Atlanta. He is the director of the sports medicine fellowship program and has served as head team physician of the Atlanta Falcons and team orthopedist for the Atlanta Braves. His research and clinical interests include shoulder instability, rotator cuff repair, and trauma of the clavicle and AC joint.

All Sessions by Spero G. Karas, MD

Saturday, September 14, 2024
Shoulder Arthroplasty & Sports
10:20 AM - 10:20 AM
(0 min)
Section ModeratorSpero G. Karas, MD
10:20 AM - 10:26 AM
(5.95 min)
Pro: Arthroscopic Debridement/CAM Procedure: Scope A Dope Shoulder Arthroplasty & Sports
10:26 AM - 10:32 AM
(6 min)
Pro: The Pyrocarbons Are Here, The Pyrocarbons Are Here: New Kid On The Block - What's The Data? Shoulder Arthroplasty & Sports
11:37 AM - 12:00 PM
(23 min)
Case Presentations With Questions & Answers & Audience Participation: Anatomic TSA Let's Go! Shoulder Arthroplasty & Sports
2:43 PM - 3:15 PM
(32 min)
Case Presentations With Questions & Answers & Audience Participation: The Problematic Anatomic Total Shoulder Shoulder Arthroplasty & Sports
Orthopaedic Rehab
2:14 PM - 2:24 PM
(10 min)
Feature Lecture: Surgical Options For Anterior Shoulder Instability With Greater Than 20% Bone Loss: My Algorithm For Success Orthopaedic Rehab
2:45 PM - 3:15 PM
(30 min)
Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers & Audience Participation: Multidirectional Instability & Anterior Shoulder Instability With & Without Bone Loss - Audience Submit Your Cases Orthopaedic Rehab
Sunday, September 15, 2024
Shoulder Arthroplasty & Sports
3:07 PM - 3:15 PM
(8 min)
Commentary: What Is Going On In Our Shoulder Industry: Making Sense Of All This New Technology - Truth, Hype, What Is The Reasonable Algorithm Shoulder Arthroplasty & Sports
3:55 PM - 4:00 PM
(5 min)
Evolving Technique Update: I Have The Answer! Curious, Knotted Versus Knotless For Medial Row For Rotator Cuff Repairs - Listen Up! Shoulder Arthroplasty & Sports

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