December 10th - 12th, 2020, Online!

Darin Padua, PhD, ATC

Darin Padua, PhD, ATC
Honored Professor
Joseph Curtis Sloane Distinguished Professor & Chair, Department of Exercise and Sport Science
Adjunct Professor, Departments of Orthopaedics, Allied Health Science, and Biomedical Engineering
Co-Director, MOTION Science Institute
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

All Sessions by Darin Padua, PhD, ATC

Friday, December 11, 2020
Advanced Practitioner
6:32 PM - 6:38 PM
(6 min)
Quality Of Movement & Repeated Testing: The Missing Pieces To ACLR Return To Sport Criteria Advanced Practitioner
6:44 PM - 6:50 PM
(6 min)
Integration Of Recovery Science & Load Monitoring For Return To Sport Following ACLR Advanced Practitioner
6:56 PM - 7:02 PM
(6 min)
5 Keys To Preventing Subsequent Injury Following ACLR Advanced Practitioner
7:02 PM - 7:22 PM
(20 min)
Clinical Case Presentations Questions & Answers: ACL Repair, Reconstruction & Rehab Advanced Practitioner

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