Gregory S. DiFelice, MD

Gregory S. DiFelice, MD
Associate Professor
Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Hospital for Special Surgery
Dr. Gregory S. DiFelice is a fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon with over 20 years of experience specializing in Sports Traumatology and Joint Reconstruction Surgery at Hospital for Special Surgery. He is a surgical innovator with his Preservation First® approach to soft tissue injuries about the knee and has been at the forefront of this research for over the past decade. He has rekindled a resurgent worldwide interest in ligament repair in the knee with his pioneering arthroscopic approach to primary ACL repair.

All Sessions by Gregory S. DiFelice, MD

Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Knee Sports
8:19 AM - 8:19 AM
(0 min)
Debate: 50-Year-Old Former Florida Pickleball Champ Falls & Has A Proximal ACL Tear Knee Sports
Debate Moderator:Mary K. Mulcahey, MD
8:19 AM - 8:24 AM
(5 min)
Pro: Primary Repair With Augmentation Gets Her Back On The Court In 2.5 Months: Understand The Literature - Pivoting Sports Need Reconstruction, She Will Be A National Champ Knee Sports
8:24 AM - 8:29 AM
(5 min)
Pro: Please Respect The Literature, Reconstruction Is The Only Answer Knee Sports
8:39 AM - 9:00 AM
(21 min)
Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers: Rapid Fire Answers, My Head Is Spinning, I Need Clarity, Stop The Controversy, Give Me Answers Knee Sports
10:13 AM - 10:13 AM
(0 min)
Panel: 17-Year-Old Female First Failed ACL, Prior BPTB, Intact Menisci, 15-Degree Posterior Tibial Slope - Altering My Treatment Plan Knee Sports
Debate Moderator:John W. Xerogeanes, MD
10:13 AM - 10:19 AM
(6 min)
Pro: Just Do An Internal Brace: ACL Reconstruction With Suture Augmentation Knee Sports
10:19 AM - 10:25 AM
(6 min)
Pro: ACL Reconstruction Must Add Slope Correction Osteotomy Otherwise It Will Fail Knee Sports
10:25 AM - 10:31 AM
(6 min)
Pro: Wrong My Colleagues! She Will Fail Without An Additional Lateral Augmentation: Choose An Lateral Extraarticular Tenodesis or Anterolateral Ligament Reconstruction Knee Sports

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