Anand M. Murthi, MD

Anand M. Murthi, MD
Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty Co-Chair
Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Chief, Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
Director, Shoulder and Elbow Fellowship and Research
MedStar Union Memorial Hospital/MedStar Orthopaedics
MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
Department of Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
Dr. Anand Murthi is the Chief of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery and Director of the Shoulder and Elbow Fellowship and Research at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. He has published numerous scientific articles and written chapters and textbooks on biomechanics, new surgical techniques and outcomes research. He has been involved in shoulder implant design and has developed the first shoulder arthroplasty registry system.

All Sessions by Anand M. Murthi, MD

Saturday, December 11, 2021
Vericel Fellow, Resident & Medical Student Summit
4:15 PM - 4:45 PM
(30 min)
Speed Mentoring Vericel Fellow, Resident & Medical Student Summit
Sunday, December 12, 2021
Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
2:00 PM - 2:05 PM
(5 min)
Welcome & Introduction Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
2:52 PM - 2:52 PM
(0 min)
Debate: 63-Year-Old Female Cyclist With An Acute, Retracted, Large, 2-Tendon Rotator Cuff Tear After A Bike Crash Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
Debate Moderator:Anand M. Murthi, MD
2:52 PM - 2:57 PM
(5 min)
Pro: Fix It Now: Why Make Your Job Hard, It Is Only Going To Get Worse Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
2:57 PM - 3:02 PM
(5 min)
Pro: Rehab This Shoulder, You Have No Idea What You Are Talking About - Nothing Gained By Operating Now Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
3:02 PM - 3:05 PM
(3 min)
Commentary: My Thoughts Of This Predicament Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
3:30 PM - 3:30 PM
(0 min)
Panel: 53-Year Old Male Skier With A Garage Sale Fall 5 Years Ago With A Massive Irreparable Superior Rotator Cuff Tear Shopping For A Surgeon Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
Panel Moderator: Brian J. Cole, MD, MBA
3:30 PM - 3:37 PM
(7 min)
Pro: Superior Capsular Reconstruction: Step-By-Step Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
3:37 PM - 3:44 PM
(7 min)
Pro: Slow Down, No SCR Yet! Fix What You Can, Incorporate The Biceps, Get Out, You'd Be Amazed How Good He Will Ski Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
3:44 PM - 3:51 PM
(7 min)
Pro: Forget My Colleagues! Time To Show You The Lower Trapezius Transfer Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
3:51 PM - 3:58 PM
(7 min)
Pro: Go With The Rest Of The World, Stay Simple, Fly With A Balloon: I Have Told You About This For 3 Years Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
3:58 PM - 4:05 PM
(7 min)
Commentary: The Irreparable Rotator Cuff Tear: So Many Choices, What I Do In Canada, What I Have Learned Over The Years Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
Monday, December 13, 2021
Shoulder Arthroplasty
1:30 PM - 1:35 PM
(5 min)
Welcome & Introduction Shoulder Arthroplasty
Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
7:00 AM - 7:05 AM
(5 min)
Welcome & Introduction Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
1:45 PM - 1:45 PM
(0 min)
Panel: 18-Year-Old Wrestler With Second Time Anterior Dislocation, 20% Glenoid Bone Loss & 15% Hill Sachs - What I Do For Success! Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
1:45 PM - 1:52 PM
(7 min)
Pro: Arthroscopic Capsulolabral Reconstruction Is The Clear Winner Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
1:52 PM - 1:59 PM
(7 min)
Pro: You're Almost Right, Add The Remplissage For Security - Belt & Suspenders Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
1:59 PM - 2:06 PM
(7 min)
Pro: You're Both Wrong! It's A Osteochondral Graft Using Suture Anchors Etc: Let Me Teach You Something Today Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
2:06 PM - 2:13 PM
(7 min)
Pro: The Arthroscopic Latarjet: Always Getting Better, Don't Discount It Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
2:13 PM - 2:18 PM
(5 min)
Commentary: Anterior Instability: My Insights, How To Get It Correct The First Time, What We Know Fails The Second Time Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
5:30 PM - 5:30 PM
(0 min)
Mini-Panel: 19-Year-Old Athlete Status Post Type III/V AC Dislocation With Pain: What To Do & When? Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
Panel Moderator:Mark H. Getelman, MD
5:30 PM - 5:35 PM
(5 min)
Pro: Fix It Now & How Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
5:35 PM - 5:40 PM
(5 min)
Pro: Fix It At The End Of The Season & How Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
5:40 PM - 5:45 PM
(5 min)
Pro: Leave The AC Joint Alone: Stop The Nonsense - He's Playing In 2 Weeks Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty
5:45 PM - 6:00 PM
(15 min)
Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers: Worst Complications Of My Career: What I Have Learned & Can Teach You Shoulder Sports & Arthroplasty

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