Barb Hoogenboom, PT

Barb Hoogenboom, PT
Grand Valley State University
Dr. Hoogenboom is a Professor and Associate Chair in the Physical Therapy Program at Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Barb continues to see patients through the GVSU pro-bono community clinics and community athletes in a consultant role.
Dr. Hoogenboom has been certified three times as a Sports Certified Specialist by the ABPTS, and recently achieve Emeritus status. She is also a retired Athletic Trainer. She has contributed to the literature by original research/case reports/commentaries, home study courses, textbook chapters, and as co-editor of a textbook. She has performed research and presented widely on topics related to the female athlete triad/RED-S, sports nutrition, the female athlete across the age span, core strengthening, aquatic therapy, functional performance and testing, surface electromyography, and 2-D and 3-D motion analysis. She currently serves as the Editor -in- Chief of The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy and has been a member of the SPTS/AASPT since 1985, the AOSSM since 1990, and the ICCUS Society since 2006.

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