December 8th - 12th, 2020, Las Vegas, NV

Mark S. Vrahas, MD, MHCDS

Mark S. Vrahas, MD, MHCDS
Levin/Gordon Distinguished Chair in Orthopaedics in honor of Myles Cohen, MD
Professor, Orthopaedics
Chair, Orthopaedics

Mark S. Vrahas, MD, MHCDS
Levin/Gordon Distinguished Chair in Orthopaedics in Honor of Myles Cohen, MD
Professor and Chair, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Mark Goodson Building
444 S. San Vicente Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90048
Dr. Vrahas is the Levin-Gordon Distinguished Chair in Orthopaedics, and Chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Cedar-Sinai. He graduated from the University Of Pittsburgh School of Medicine where he also completed his orthopaedic residency. During residency he took a year off for a post doc research fellowship at the University of Iowa in biomechanics. Following residency he completed a fellowship in trauma and joint reconstruction under Dr. Marvin Tile at the University of Toronto. After fellowship, he visited Europe on an AO Fellowship spending one month with Reinhold Ganz in Bern, two months with Harold Tscherne in Hannover, and one month with Emile Letournel in Paris. He took his first faculty position at Penn State’s Hershey Medical Center, and in 1992 moved to New Orleans to become the Chief of orthopaedic Trauma at Charity Hospital. In 1999 he moved to Boston to start the combined orthopaedic trauma services at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital. He completed his tenure in Boston as the Robert W. Lovett Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, at Harvard Medical School, the Chairman of the Harvard Orthopedic Trauma Initiative, and the Vice Chairman of Orthopaedics at the Massachusetts General Hospital.
Dr. Vrahas is a internationally recognized expert in the management of orthopaedic trauma in general, and pelvic and acetabular fractures in particular. His current research interests are in Health Services Research and outcome assessment.

All Sessions by Mark S. Vrahas, MD, MHCDS

Friday, December 13, 2019
3:59 PM - 3:59 PM
(0 min)
Section ModeratorMark S. Vrahas, MD, MHCDS
5:04 PM - 5:29 PM
(25 min)
Case Presentations, Rapid Fire Answers Trauma
Saturday, December 14, 2019
10:33 AM - 10:33 AM
(0 min)
Mini-Panel: The Syndesmotic Injury: Update 2019 Trauma
Panel ModeratorFrank A. Liporace, MD
10:39 AM - 10:45 AM
(6 min)
Pro: Screw Fixation Is Still The Way To Go: You Just Need To Know How To Do It Perfectly Trauma
10:39 AM - 10:45 AM
(6 min)
Pro:Forget The Stress Views: They Are Unnecessary - Let Me Teach You How To Think Through The Syndesmotic Injury In An Easy Fashion Trauma
10:45 AM - 10:51 AM
(6 min)
Pro: Newer Fixation Techniques Were Good Enough For A D1 Quarterback So It Is Good Enough For Me Now! Trauma
10:51 AM - 10:51 AM
(0 min)
Mini-Panel: 52-Year-Old Club Hockey Player Crashes The Net, Scores The Goal & Sustains A Distal, Intra-articular Tibial Fracture Trauma
10:51 AM - 10:57 AM
(6 min)
Pro: How Low Can You Go? I Nail Most of These Trauma
10:57 AM - 11:03 AM
(6 min)
Pro: You're Going To Have To Plate It: Here's How I Handle These Fractures Trauma
11:03 AM - 11:09 AM
(6 min)
Pro: When To Ask For Help & It's 2:00AM With An Open Pilon & Why Trauma
11:09 AM - 11:14 AM
(5 min)
Honored Professor Commentary: The Distal Intraarticular Tibial Fracture - My Experience Trauma
11:26 AM - 11:31 AM
(5 min)
Evolving Technique: Technical Tips For Optimal Fixation Of The Talar Neck: Do You Just Compress To Heal Or Place A Tricortical Graft To Keep Length - My Thought Process Trauma

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