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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Concurrent Session

Room: Grand Ballroom 6

6:00 am - 6:30 pmRegistration-
8:00 am - 6:00 pmExhibit Hours-
6:50amWelcome & Introduction
Start - Break
6:50amComputer/Text Questions Chairman
Start - Break
Section Moderator
6:55amPanel: A 50-Year-Old Right-Hand Dominant Construction Worker With 6 Months of Right Lateral Elbow Pain
Panel Moderator
6:55am Pro: Stem Cells and Growth Factors 2018: Time To Get On Board!
7:02am Pro: No Razzle Dazzle, Time for the Percutaneous Ultrasonic Tenotomy
7:09am Pro: Solving the Problem: 20 Years of the Anconeus Flap As A Nirschl Modification- You're Not Listening
7:16am Pro: Radial Tunnel Is Real & You Are Missing It: I Release It Routinely
7:23am Pro: Leave It Alone! Why Treat What’s Going to Get Better Anyway
7:30amPanel: A 37-Year-Old Cross Fit Athlete Lifting Weights Notices A Proximal Popeye Muscle in His Dominant Arm for 8 Weeks, Now is Worried
Panel Moderator
7:30am Pro: I Fix This No Problem: Single Incision, Let Me Show You How!
7:37am Pro: The Two Incision Technique, It's Mayo All the Way, No HO!
7:44am Pro: You Need to Graft Every Time to Get Him Back to Competition, Let Me Show You the Way
7:58amEvolving Technique: The Distal Biceps: What I Have Learned And Avoiding Complications in 784 Repairs
8:05amElbow Rehab After Instability Procedures: The Way I Get Them Back to Throwing & Understanding UCL Reconstruction
8:17amPanel: A 17-Year-Old Baseball Pitcher Heard a Pop in His Throwing Arm at the Elbow
Panel Moderator
8:17am Pro: Repairing the Ligament, Back to the Humerus is the Way to Go, No Augmentation
8:24am Pro: The Internal Brace is Ready for Prime Time With This Tear!
8:31am Pro: The Role Of The Brace And PRP For Tears Off The Humerus
8:38am Pro: Are You Kidding?!?! Conservative Treatment Does Fine With This Tear!
8:45amDebate: A 15-Year-Old Female Gymnast With A Pop After Months of Pain in Her Elbow When Falling to Land After A Vault
Debate Moderator
8:45am Pro: It's Simple, Scope, Debride, Treat With Microfracture: I Have the Results!
8:51am Pro: OMG! It is 2018, Wake Up Southern Man, You Need Osteochondral Plugs to Save Her Elbow: Let Me Show You How
8:57amCase Presentations with Questions and Answers: Complications of Tennis Elbow, Biceps Ruptures MCL, Tears, & The Lateral Collateral Ligament.
Case Panel Moderator:
Case Panel:
9:27amBreak and Visit the Exhibits-
Break - Lunch
10:07amComputer/Text Questions Chairman
Break - Lunch
Section Moderator
10:07amDebate: A 66-Year-Old Cyclist Falls and Sustains An Intraarticular C2 Distal Humerus Fracture
Debate Moderator
10:07amPro: I Plate This Fracture, She Will Be Back on Her Bike in 4 Months Loving It
10:13amPro: Time for a Total Elbow, A Far Better Outcome
10:19amDebate: A 25-Year-Old Female Gymnast Fell and Has a Terrible Triad Elbow Fracture Dislocation
Debate Moderator
10:19amPro: I Repair the Lateral Collateral Ligament Complex and Replace the Radial Head with a Bipolar Prosthesis and Leave the Coronoid Along
10:25amPro: Fix It All Including the Coronoid
10:31amEvolving Technique: The Unstable Elbow: My Way To Save The Joint
10:38amHonored Professor Lecture: The Distal Humerus Non-Union: My Approach, How to Avoid It - It Has Worked for 30 Years, Let Me Show You What I Have Learned
10:58amMini-Debate: A 9-Year-Old With a Type Three Supracondylar Humerus Fracture, Pink Hand & An Absent Pulse
Debate Moderator
10:58amPro: I Would Treat It Closed!
11:03amPro: I Would Explore It! I Know It's Vegas But Seriously?!?!
Section Moderator
11:08amEvolving Technique Update: Radiocapitellar Arthritis: Excision of the Radial Head Arthroscopically - Tips & Tricks
11:13amEvolving Technique Update: Radial Head Fractures: When to Excise, When ORIF in 2018
11:18amMini-Debate: 27-Year-Old Rugby Player in a Scrum Injured 2 Years Ago, Now With A Painful, Stiff Elbow
Panel Moderator
11:18amPro: Release It Open: Reliable, You Can Get The Results
11:23amPro: Give Me the Scope: Everything You Can Do, I Can Do Better!
11:28amComplications in Total Elbow Replacement: 8 Tips in 8 Minutes
Section Moderator
Mini-Panel: A 50-Year-Old Electrician/Amateur Weekend Baseball Pitcher with No Atrophy and Positive EMG Compression at the Cubital Tunnel
Panel Moderator
11:43amPro: Keep It Simple, Decompression the Literature Says and My Experience Gets the Result!
11:48amPro: Don't Be Silly, Endoscopic is Quick & Easy and Works Best!
11:53amPro: Ulnar Nerve Transposition with Dehydrated Amniotic Membrane
11:58am Pro: Subcutaneous Transposition Is The Answer In This Athlete!
12:03pm Pro: Slow Down Young Men, Go Big or Go Home, Submuscular Transposition Is Necessary! One and Done!
12:08pmFinal Commentary: The House Speaks, What I Have Learned Over 2 Days in 3 Minutes
12:11pmLunch Served-
12:26pmLunch Symposium-
1:11pmEnd of Program-

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