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Foot & Ankle

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Monday, December 13, 2021

7:00am (PST)

Welcome & Introduction

7:05am (PST)


Section Moderator:
7:05am (PST)

Canada Knows Best! Nonoperative Treatment For The Achilles Tear Is Exactly The Winning Formula: Let Me Show You The Protocol – Stop Operating!

7:10am (PST)

Panel: 33-Year-Old Female Softball Player Runs Past First Base After A Homerun When She Hears A Sudden Pop & Pain In Her Right Ankle & Collapses

Panel Moderator:
7:10am (PST)

Pro: Traditional, Open Direct Repair Avoids The Re-Rupture: My Results From The NBA

7:16am (PST)

Pro: Minimally Invasive Is The Way To Go: The Technology Is Here, Fewer Complications – My Results

7:22am (PST)

Pro: New Technology Makes It Happen: Step Up To What’s Available To Make You Shine – 6 Tips, 6 Minutes

7:28am (PST)

Pro: Hold The Bard Parker! Nonoperative Treatment, Read The Literature: Let Me Show You The Way

7:34am (PST)

Honored Professor Commentary: The Achilles Tendon Rupture: What I Have Learned Through The Years

7:40am (PST)

Debate: 53-Year-Old Marathon Runner With Fusiform Swelling Of The Achilles Tendon: It Is Not Just A Pump Bump

Debate Moderator:
7:40am (PST)

Pro: Nonoperative Treatment: Sprinkle Some Magic Dust & My Biologics – Let Me Show You The Evidence On How It Can Heal

7:45am (PST)

Pro: MIS Is The Way To Go: You Just Need To Operate To Get Him Running Again Long-Term

7:50am (PST)

Debate: 73-Year-Old Diabetic With Consistent Pain For 6 Months Seeks Treatment For Her Insertional Achilles Tendinopathy: MRI Shows 50% Tear

Debate Moderator:
7:50am (PST)

Pro: No Sweat: MIS Is The Way To Go – Just Clean It Up, She Will Be Better

7:55am (PST)

Pro: Don’t Be Ridiculous: Full Open Exposure, Reattach The Achilles, Be Careful Of The Soft Tissue – She Is In It For The Long Haul

8:00am (PST)

Feature Lecture: The Neglected Achilles Tendon Rupture: How To Bridge The Gap

8:10am (PST)

Distinguished Professor Insight: Complications Of Achilles Tendon Repair: From Nerve Damage To Re-Ruptures & Soft Tissue Problems: 10 Tips, 10 Minutes To Get You In & Out Safely

8:20am (PST)

Evolving Technique: 7 Minutes, 7 Tips What I Teach The Residents & Fellows, Understanding Literature, Understanding Real Life, The Achilles Tendon Is Such A Big Deal From Athlete To Elderly

8:27am (PST)


Section Moderator:
8:27am (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: Making The Diagnosis Of Posterior Impingement Of The Ankle

8:32am (PST)

Panel: 23-Year-Old New York City Ballerina With Posterior Ankle Pain En Point & Confirmed Os Trigonum

Panel Moderator:
8:32am (PST)

Pro: Open Excision: Easy, Direct With Great Results

8:38am (PST)

Pro: Arthroscopic Excision With A Lateral Subtalar Approach: Let Me Show You My Tricks To Make It Safe & Effective

8:44am (PST)

Pro: Wrong Old Guys! The Direct Posterior Approach: Go Right At It – In & Out, She Is Dancing In Two Weeks

8:50am (PST)

Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers: Posterior Impingement Of The Ankle & The Achilles Tendon

Case Panel Moderators:
Case Panel:
9:15am (PST)


Section Moderator:
9:15am (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: What’s A Flatfoot, What’s Not A Flatfoot, & When I Treat It: An Algorithm Putting It All Together

9:20am (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: Flat Foot Osteotomies: Open? Closed? Lateral Column? Medial Column? What I Do!

9:25am (PST)

Evolving Technique Video Update: Never Forget The Medial Side: The Deltoid & Spring Ligaments Need To Be Fixed As Well!

9:30am (PST)


10:00am (PST)


Section Moderator:
10:00am (PST)

Feature Lecture: The Weightbearing CT Scan: It Will Change Your Practice – You Are Not Listening To Me!

10:08am (PST)

Feature Lecture: Foot & Ankle Surgery: New Innovation, Keeping Athletes Active, How I Juggle, What I Have Learned, The Good & The Bad

10:18am (PST)

Evolving Technique: The Jones Fracture: Everything You Need To Know To Avoid Non-Unions & How I Am Trying To Learn To Be Better – When To Operate, When To Sit Back

10:25am (PST)


Section Moderator:
10:25am (PST)

Evolving Technique: Understanding The Evidence: Predictors Of Good Versus Poor Results For Treatment Of An OCL Of The Talus

10:32am (PST)

Panel: 26-Year-Old Tae Kwon Do Enthusiast With Failed Physical Therapy With A 2.5-cm2 Lesion

Panel Moderator:
10:32am (PST)

Pro: Debridement, Marrow Stimulation & Abrasion: Simple & Reproducible Results

10:38am (PST)

Pro: OATS: My Way Is The Best To Achieve Pain Relief With Biologics & A New Articular Cartilage Surface

10:44am (PST)

Pro: Minced Juvenile Articular Cartilage Off The Shelf: Easy For The Patient, Watch The Cartilage Grow

10:50am (PST)

Pro: Cellular Implantation: Ignore My Colleagues – Take The Cartilage, Grow The Cartilage, Make New Cartilage

10:56am (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: Role Of An Osteotomy In The Treatment Of An Osteochondral Lesion Of The Talus

11:01am (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: Talar OCL With Ankle Instability: You Need To Treat Both To Get Long-Term Results

11:06am (PST)

Feature Lecture: I Am Back! Bulk Allograft Is The Only Answer For A Lesion When It Is Too Big: You Need To Just Start Doing This Procedure

11:14am (PST)

Honored Professor Commentary: What I Have Learned About Osteochondral Lesions Of The Talus: My Approach

11:24am (PST)

Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers: Pes Planus & OCL Of The Talus

Case Panel Moderators:
Case Panel:
11:54am (PST)

Wrap & Summary: What I Have Learned

12:00pm (PST)

Non-CME Lunch Spotlight Sessions

1:00pm (PST)

Dessert & Visit the Exhibits

Educational Video Demonstrations

1:45pm (PST)

End Of Foot & Ankle Program


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