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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Concurrent Session

Room: Grand Ballroom 6

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6:00 am - 6:30 pmRegistration-
8:00 am - 6:00 pmExhibit Hours-
1:35pmWelcome & Introduction
Section Moderator
1:40pmPanel: 19-Year-Old Basketball Phenom With A Division I Scholarship, OCD Medial Talar Dome 1.5 cm Diameter
Panel Moderator
1:40pmPro: Debride & Base Stimulation: I Am Old But It Works!
Start - Break
1:45pmComputer/Text Questions Chairman
Start - Break
1:47pmPro: Osteochondral Autograft: Let Me Show You Why
1:54pmPro: MACI & New Techniques: It Is 2018! Wake Up Guys!
2:01pmPro: The Role Of Biologics: Stem Cells, Growth Factors, Injections
2:08pmCommentary: The Osteochondral Lesion Consensus Meeting Update - Summary in 5 Minutes
Section Moderator
2:13pmIntelligent Bone Regeneration: No Metal - What Is It?
2:20pmMini-Honored Professor Thoughts: Evolving Technique: Weightbearing CT Scans For Foot & Ankle Surgeons
2:27pmEvolving Technique: The Role Of Bone Stimulation: Any Science?
2:34pmEvolving Technique Update: 5 Tips, 5 Minutes - Keys To The History, Physical Exam, & Radiologic Evaluation In Planning Surgical Treatment
Section Moderator
2:39pmDebate: 54-Year-Old Female Runner With Non-Congruent Hallux Valgus - I Want My Jimmy Choo's Back
Debate Moderator
2:39pmPro: Soft Tissue Reconstruction With Osteotomy: My Preferred Repair
2:45pmPro: Always Think Of The Lapidus Procedure
2:51pmHonored Professor Commentary: The 19-Year-Old With A Hallux Valgus & Crossover Second Toe: When To Operate, When To Hold Off
Section Moderator
2:56pmDebate: 45-Year-Old Competitive Tennis Player With Painful Great Toe & Inability To Win The Championship
Debate Moderator
2:56pmPro: Cheilectomy: Newer Thoughts, How I Decide
3:03pmPro: Remove The Pain With One Operation: An MTP Joint Fusion
3:10pmPro: It's 2018! Don't Be Worried, Replacement Is The Answer! How To Get A Satisfied Patient
3:17pmSynthetic Cartilage Implant Maintaining Motion, The Latest & Greatest - Why Aren't You Doing It!
3:25pmTURF TOE
Section Moderator
3:25pmEvolving Technique Update: Keys To The History, Physical Examination, & Radiographic Evaluation For Planning Treatment: 5 Tips in 5 Minutes
3:30pmBreak & Visit The Exhibits-
Break - End
4:03pmComputer/Text Questions Chairman
Break - End
4:03pmDebate: 29-Year-Old Professional Football Player With Hyperextension Great Toe Injury: It Could Happen To You
Debate Moderator
4:03pmPro: I Can Get Him Back On The Field & Finish The Season With Nonoperative Treatment
4:09pmPro: Time To Fix The Great Toe For A Long Term Solution: Don't Be Stupid - I Am A Team Doc, I Know The Answer
Section Moderator
4:15pmDebate: 40-Year-Old Marathon Runner With A Plantar Plate Rupture 6 Weeks Ago & Early Hammer Toe Deformity
Debate Moderator
4:15pmPro: Fuse the PIP, Release Soft Tissues and Pin the Toe - The Gold Standard
4:21pmPro: What? Anatomy My Friends, Repair The Plantar Plate
4:27pmOpen Hindfoot/Midfoot Arthrodesis - Tips & Tricks
4:35pmCase Presentations With Questions & Answers: The Midfoot & Forefoot Complications and Solutions
Case Panel Moderator:
Case Panel:
Section Moderator
4:55pmDebate: 53-Year-Old Female With Acquired Flatfoot Deformity
Debate Moderator
4:55pmPro: Soft Tissue Reconstruction Procedures Work Perfectly: Why Destroy The Foot
5:02pmPro: Wrong! You Better Fuse The Bone Otherwise You Will Fail
5:09pmPro: Deltoid Reconstruction Due To Medial Instability Is The Cause Of Flatfoot & Needs To Be Fixed
5:16pmMini-Honored Professor Thoughts: Evolving Technique: The Flexible Adult Flatfoot & Posterior Tibial Dysfunction: How The Z Cut Calcaneal Osteotomy Is The Answer
Section Moderator
5:23pmHow I Evaluate & Treat Diabetic Foot Ulcers
5:31pmDebate: 40-Year-Old Insulin Dependent Diabetic With Acute Charcot Hindfoot & Hemogoblin A1C of 8.0
Debate Moderator
5:31pmPro: Be Conservative: Wait It Out For Charcot To Burn Out
5:37pmPro: Operate Immediately To Prevent Deformity
5:43pmDebate: 50-Year-Old With A BMI of 38 & Hemoglobin An A1C of 6.2 With A Trimalleolar Fracture
Debate Moderator
5:43pmPro: Fix The Fracture ORIF: It Will Prevent Charcot
5:49pmPro: Minimally Invasive Arthroscopic Repair Avoids Infection, Charcot, DVT - Be Real
5:55pmMini-Honored Professor Thoughts: The Cavus Foot: A Deformity That May Need Treatment & What I Do & When I Do It
6:03pmEnd Of Day-

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