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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Concurrent Session

Room: Grand Ballroom 6

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6:00 am - 6:30 pmRegistration-
8:00 am - 6:00 pmExhibit Hours-
2:00pmWelcome & Introduction
Start - Break
Break - End
2:00pmComputer/Text Questions Chairman
Start - Break
Section Moderator
2:05pmEvolving Technique Update: 5 Tips In 5 Minutes For A Successful Ankle Fusion
2:10pmEvolving Technique Update: 5 Tips In 5 minutes To Avoid Complications With Total Ankle Replacement
2:15pmMini-Honored Professor's Thoughts: Vascularized Bone Grafts For Failed Fusions
2:20pmPanel: 55-Year-Old Machinest 15 Years After ORIF of a Distal Tibia Fracture Now With End Stage Ankle Arthritis
Panel Moderator
2:20pmPro: Open Arthrodesis Is The Way To Go, Retirement Is Only 10 Years Away
2:27pmPro: Arthroscopic Arthrodesis: Less Is Better
2:34pmPro: Slow Down Old Men, Total Ankle Arthroplasty - A Much Better Answer & Functional Outcome
2:41pmTotal Ankle Arthroplasty: Evolution Of The Technique - Where We Have Been & Where We Are Going
2:49pmMini-Honored Professor's Thoughts: Ankle Arthroplasty in the Morbidly Obese Patient
2:52pmCase Presentations with Questions and Answers: Complications In Ankle Arthritis, The Failed Total Ankle Replacement: Now What - Cases
Case Panel Moderator:
Case Panel:
Section Moderator
3:12pmEvolving Technique Update: Acute Achilles Ruptures: Who Needs An Operation & Who Doesn't - 5 Minutes, 5 Thoughts
3:17pmPanel: 35-Year-Old Stock Broker Lunges Forward, Makes The Hoop, Lands With A Pop In His Calf in A Pick Up Basketball Game With 17-Year-Olds
Panel Moderator
3:17pmPro: Acute, Open Repair Achilles Rupture: The Gold Standard
3:24pmPro: Minimally Invasive Techniques: How Many Years Do I Need to Tell You, Better Results, Fewer Complications - Get On Board!
3:31pm Pro: Stop! Read the Literature: Canada Knows Best - Nonoperative Functional Treatment Yields Better Results
3:38pmHonored Professor's Commentary: Neglected Achilles Tendon Rupture - How To Bridge The Gap In A 5-cm Injury
Section Moderator
3:43pmDebate: 17-Year-Old Ice Skater With A First Time Ankle Sprain Grade 3 By Exam
Debate Moderator
3:43pmPro: This Needs To Be Immobilized, Crutches, Rigid Boot, Call Me In 4 Weeks To Avoid Lifelong Problems
3:49pmPro: Are You Kidding?!?! Move This In 5 Days, No Crutches - I Have The Answers
3:55pmPanel: 29-Year-Old Professional Soccer Player with Recurrent Lateral Ankle Sprains
Panel Moderator
3:55pmPro: Broström Repair: A Proven Track Record For Getting This Patient Back On The Field
4:02pmPro: Arthroscopic Repair: Quicker Rehabilitation with Equal Results, Watch!
4:09pm Pro: Minimally Invasive Reconstruction: A More Stable Construct
4:16pm Pro: Internal Brace: Wake Up It's 2018: Fast Rehab. Strongest Repair
4:23pmCommentary & Sage Advice
4:25pmBreak & Visit The Exhibits-
Break - End
4:55pmComputer/Text Questions Chairman
Break - End
4:55pmSports Medicine Perspective on Getting Athletes Returned to Sport After Chronic Ankle Instability
Section Moderator
5:03pmPanel: 54-Year-Old Former Baseball Pitcher With Recurrent Lateral Ankle Snapping & Sensation Of Giving Way With Pain
Panel Moderator
5:03pmPro: Repair The Tendon Sheath Without Any Bone Osteotomy
5:10pmPro: This Is A Chronic Problem: You Have to Be Aggressive To Prevent Recurrence: Open Fibular Groove Deepening Please
5:17pmPro: You Are All Wrong: Debride & Stabilize With A Fibular Osteotomy - I Don't Want A Recurrence!
Section Moderator
5:25pmPosterior Impingement: Sounds Boring, What Is It, Why Bother, How I Diagnose
5:33pmDebate: 16-Year-Old Classical Dancer With Posterior Ankle Pain & Bony Edema
Debate Moderator
5:33pmPro: Lateral Approach To The Posterior Talus: Easy Approach, Good Visualization, Low Risk: Good-Bye Os Trigonum!
5:39pmPro: Don't Limit Yourself To The Obvious: Direct Posterior Approach Provide Easy Access To Os Trigonum & Other Potential Causes Of Her Posterior Ankle Pain
5:45pmCase Presentations with Questions and Answers: The Achilles Tendon, Ankle Instability & Posterior Pathology
Case Panel Moderator:
Case Panel:
6:00pmAOFAS Presidents Innovative & Challenging Cases: Up Close & Personal
Case Panel Moderator:
Case Panel:
7:00pmEnd of Day-

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