December 11th – 14th, 2019, Las Vegas, NV

Hand, Wrist & Elbow

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Concurrent Session

1:10pmWelcome & Introduction
Lunch to Break
Lunch to Break
Section Moderator
1:15pmWide Awake Anesthesia: A Hoax Or Are We Hurting Patients? Is This The Wave Of The Future?
1:23pmMini-Panel: Carpal Instability: 50-Year-Old Orthopaedic Partner Fell While Playing Tennis With A SLAC Wrist - Now What?
Panel Moderator
1:23pmPro: A Four Corner Fusion Is What He Wants & I Am Not From California
1:29pmPro: Capitate Resurfacing Is The Best Procedure - Wake Up!
1:35pmPro: PRC Baby! It Sounds Crazy But Read The Literature
1:41pmPro: Everybody Calm Down! Styloidectomy And An Intra-articular Injection With Or Without Wrist Denervation - Goodbye PIN! So Much To Choose From-
1:47pmDistinguished Professor Commentary: My Personal Bias
1:50pmMini-Panel: DRUJ Arthritis: Oh I Used To Be So Young, I Am 60 But In My Heart I Am 30, Let's Play 5 Sets Of Tennis
Panel Moderator
1:50pmPro: Look What I Can Do With This New Prosthesis, Razzle Dazzle 2019
1:56pmPro: I Can't Spell Or Even Pronounce It, But An Sauvé-Kapandji Will Bail You Out!
2:02pmPro: History My Young Friends, Resect The Distal Ulna; Don't Be Foolish, It Has Stood The Test Of Time
2:08pmMotion Preserving Wrist Hemiarthroplasty, Solved!: A New Kid On The Block
2:16pmMini-Panel: A 65-Year-Old, Right Hand Dominant Massage Therapist Whose Thumb Hurts 20 Years After An LRTI
Panel Moderator
2:16pmPro: A Mini-Tightrope Can Save The Day & Resolve The Problem
2:22pmPro: The ATLAS Procedure: Strong, A New Anatomic Ligament Reconstruction
2:28pmPro: A Failed LRTI Is Solved With A Fusion
2:34pmMini-Panel: A 64-Year-Old Mom Has A Displaced Distal Radius Fracure
Panel Moderator
2:34pmPro: Volar Plating Is The Answer & Keeps Them Independent Living Longer
2:40pmPro: Keep It Simple: A Good Reduction & A Pin, I Have Done It For Years
2:46pmPro: Stop The Nonsense, Put On A Cast, She Will Do Great!
2:52pmMini-Panel: A 23-Year-Old Non-Dominant Hand Roofer Falls With A C3 Distal Radius Fracture
Panel Moderator
2:52pmPro: Fragment Specific: Don’t Kid Yourself Otherwise You Will Fail
2:58pmPro: The Dorsal Plate Is The Way To Go
3:04pmPro: 10 Years Ago I Did An Ex Fix But Now I Realize The Spanning Plate Is The Answer Every Time!
3:10pmPro: Volar Plate: You All Have Given The Audience Nonsense To Think About
3:16pmEvolving Technique Update: Volar Plating: New Reduction Techniques Using Cutting Edge Polyaxial Technology
3:21pmHonored Professor Lecture: Vascular Disorders In The Hand: What I Have Learned Through The Years
3:36pmCase Presentations With Questions & Answers: Rapid Fire, Complex Arthritis Issue Of The Hand & Wrist & Distal Radius Fractures - Ouch!
Case Panel Moderators
Case Panel
Break to End of Day
Break to End of Day
Section Moderator
4:30pmMini-Panel: Schapholunate Tears: 24-Year-Old, Left Hand Dominant Basketball Player Falls In The Finals On Concrete: Pain & Swelling With A Widened Schapholunate In His Dominant Hand
Panel Moderator
4:30pmPro: It's Acute: Scope, Reduce & Pin For 2 Points
4:36pmPro: Know Your Literature, Open This Up: Prepare For The Primary Capsulodesis
4:42pmPro: Sorry Old Boys: Internal Brace, Reconstruct Has Now Solved Years Of Inadequate Results
4:48pmMini-Panel: 27-Year-Old Professional Linebacker With An Unrecoganized Scaphoid Nonuion
Panel Moderator
4:48pmPro: Just Screw This! Quick, Easy, And It Works!
4:54pmPro: Need To Open & Put In Some Autograft
5:00pmPro: Time For The Vascularized Graft: The Only Way This Will Heal
5:06pmPro: Silly Boys, You Need To Listen To Me - Do The Salvage Procedure
5:12pmDebate: 21-Year-Old Collegiate Gymnast, Falls Off The Uneven Bars Now With Ulnar-Sided Wrist Pain - MRI Positive For TFCC Tear
Debate Moderator
5:12pmPro: Open TFCC Repair It Works & Gets Results
5:18pmPro: Wrong! Arthroscopic TFCC Repair: I Thought We Trained At The Same Time
5:24pmDebate: 22-Year-Old Collegiate Safety For A Division I Team Sustains A Radial Lateral Ligament Injury Of The Thumb
Debate Moderator
5:24pmPro: Time For The Operating Room: He Is Out For The Next 4 Weeks - Long Term Effects Are Too Devastating
5:29pmPro: Don't Be Silly! Let Him Play, There Is No Evidence It Requires Surgery
5:34pmHonored Professor Commentary: The Ethics Of Letting A Collegiate Player Continue With A Known Injury - My Personal Thoughts
Section Moderator
5:36pmDebate: 21-Year-Old Chef With A Complete Ulnar Nerve Laceration In The Mid Forearm
Debate Moderator
5:36pmPro: Primary Repair & Transpose The Nerve
5:42pmPro: No Repair: This Needs An Allograft & A Wrap
5:48pmHonored Professor Commentary: Wrapping Up The Day - What I Learned
5:51pmEnd Of Hand & Wrist Program-
5:51pmDinner Spotlight Presentation-

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