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Hip Arthroplasty

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Sunday, December 12, 2021

7:00am (PST)

Welcome & Introduction

7:05am (PST)


Section Moderator:
7:05am (PST)

Understanding The Hip-Spine Relationship & Formulating A Patient-Specific Plan To Place The Acetabular Cup So I Never Fail

7:12am (PST)

My Standard Work-Up For The Pelvic-Spine Patient

7:19am (PST)

Mini-Panel: 65-Year-Old Corporate Executive With Ankylosing Spondylitis, Asymptomatic In His Back With A Painful Hip

Panel Moderator
7:19am (PST)

Pro: Making An Anatomic Cup Position With Dual Mobility In The Complex Hip/Spine Patient

7:24am (PST)

Pro: Avoid Routine Use Of The Dual Mobility, It Should Be Reserved For The Right Case – I Will Show You What I Do Instead!

7:29am (PST)

Pro: Slow Down! Classic Overthinking: Assess & Achieve Stability No Different Than Years Ago – This Nonsense Doesn’t Matter For My Anterior Approaches

7:34am (PST)

77-Year-Old Country Club Tennis Champ Just Got His Spine Fixed, Had A Hip Placed 15 Years Ago, No Issues Previously & It Just Dislocated When Running For A Wide Forehand – What’s The Plan Now In This Class Of Patients, I Know The Answers

7:41am (PST)

Evolving Technique Update Panel: 83-Year-Old Scratch Golfer With Two Year Ago L5-S1 Fusion Now Needs A Total Hip – Listen To Me, Let Me Show You The Technology That Will Get The Acetabular Cup In The Right Place

Panel Moderator:
7:41am (PST)

Pro: Robotics Have Been Created To Save The Day: Let Me Show You How Easy This Is

7:47am (PST)

Pro: An Optimized Positioning System Will Help You Avoid The Mistake & Create A Stable Hip For Years To Come

7:53am (PST)

Pro: Use Accelerometers: Say What?!?

7:59am (PST)

Pro: Fluoro-Guided Navigation Is Much Better Than What My Colleagues Are Telling You

8:05am (PST)

Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers: Avoiding Dislocations & Designing Preventive Solutions When Understanding Pelvic-Spine Continuity Issues

Case Panel Moderators:
Case Panel:
8:25am (PST)


Section Moderator:
8:25am (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: The Robot Says Do It & I Don’t Agree: Now What Do I Do

8:30am (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: The Complex Primary Femur: How To Know Ahead Of Time Things Won’t Work Out – My Tricks

8:35am (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: Femoral Version: Why It Is Hard Sometimes, Which Ones To Expect, Have Your Rep Ready

8:40am (PST)

Distinguished Professor Lecture: All The New Technology, When To Say No, When To Say Yes – My Thoughts

8:48am (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: Microplasty Stems: Need To Understand Who You Use Them In & How To Get The Results

8:53am (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: Cementless Fixation: Choosing The Stem With A Direct Anterior Approach

8:58am (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: Cemented Stems: We’re Back! How To Use & Succeed

9:03am (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: Collared Cementless Stems: Bill Harris Taught Us Years Ago, Enhanced Stability Without Cement

9:08am (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: Resurfacing: Didn’t You Listen Last Year? You All Still Don’t Get It!

9:13am (PST)

Evolving Technique: The Lipped Liner Is Not Sinful – The Ends Justify The Means!

9:19am (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: Not Every Dual Mobility Is The Same: I Will Let You In On The Secrets – How I Chose

9:24am (PST)

Evolving Technique: The Thin Poly: Does That Make You Nervous? 40-mm Heads Even More Nervous? Did Any Of These Things Stop Being Used

9:30am (PST)


10:10am (PST)

Live Surgery: Robotic Total Knee Arthroplasty

10:30am (PST)


Section Moderator:
10:30am (PST)

Mini-Panel: Issues That Confound All Of Us When We Thought We Did It Right

Panel Moderator:
10:30am (PST)

Pro: My Algorithm To The Painful Total Hip Arthroplasty: When The Patient Says It Feels Bad & The X-Ray Looks Good

10:35am (PST)

Pro: Heterotopic Ossification, It’s The Cause: How To Prevent, How To Treat, Why Haven’t We Solved It Yet?

10:40am (PST)

Pro: Metal-On-Metal & Trunnion Issues: You Need To Know How To Manage Even If You Say I Am Not Doing It This Way

10:45am (PST)


Section Moderator:
10:45am (PST)

Panel: The Complex Primary Acetabulum With Significant Bone Loss: How I Succeed

Panel Moderator:
10:45am (PST)

Pro: How I Use Computer-Assisted Navigation Or Robotic-Assisted To Succeed In A Perfect Cup Placement & Not Lose Any Sleep

10:51am (PST)

Pro: Intraop Fluoro Is The Way To Go To Understand Hip Instability: I Wear My Thyroid Shield & Check The Cup & Stem Position

10:57am (PST)

Pro: Cup Placement Does Not Need Technology: Go Where The Good Bone Is

11:03am (PST)

Panel: The Complex Primary Femur: Offset, Unusual Anatomy, Deficient Bone Or Narrow Canal

Panel Moderator:
11:03am (PST)

Pro: Modularity Wins The Day: It Has Been Around For A Long Time, No Need To Sweat – Let Me Show You Some Examples

11:09am (PST)

Pro: Slow Down Young Man, Remember Sir John Charnley? Cement Baby – The Hybrid Solution

11:15am (PST)

Pro: The Role Of The Conical Stem: Why It Beats Modularity & Cement Every Day

11:21am (PST)

MRI Evaluation Of The Total Hip: What I Can Tell You, Watch How Much I Can Help, Let Me Teach You The Right Protocol

11:36am (PST)

Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers: Abnormal Version, Valgus Neck, Severe Type C Bone, Deformity Below Lesser Trochanter, DDH & Hip Dysplasia, Neuromuscular Imbalance, Osteonecrosis, Acetabular Protrusio, Down Syndrome

Case Panel Moderators:
Case Panel:
12:00pm (PST)

Lunchtime Symposia I: An Exploration Of Innovation, Outpatient Surgery & Optimizing Outcomes For Reimbursement (Arthroplasty)

12:30pm (PST)

Lunchtime Symposia II: An Exploration Of Innovation, Outpatient Surgery & Optimizing Outcomes For Reimbursement (Arthroplasty & Sports)

1:00pm (PST)

Lunchtime Symposia III: An Exploration Of Innovation, Outpatient Surgery & Optimizing Outcomes For Reimbursement (Sports)

1:30pm (PST)

Dessert & Visit the Exhibits
Educational Video Demonstrations

2:00pm (PST)

Knee Arthroplasty Session Begins


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