December 11th – 14th, 2019, Las Vegas, NV

Hip Arthroplasty

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Friday, December 13, 2019

General / Concurrent Session

12:20 pm - 1:20 pmLunch With Non-CME Spotlight Sessions: Hip Preservation Industry Case Panel (non-CME)-
1:20 pm - 1:50 pmDESSERT & VISIT THE EXHIBITS-
1:50pmWelcome & Introduction-
1:55pmEvolving Technique Update: 5 Pearls For The Evaluation Of The Athlete With Hip Pain In 5 Minutes-
2:00pmEvolving Technique Update: 28-Year-Old With An Acetabular Labral Tear: Who You Shouldn't Operate On, Being Wise For Patient Selection For The Early Arthritic Hip-
2:05pmEvolving Technique Update: How To Organize Your Team To Get Amazing Success For Your Patients: My 5 Best Tips-
2:10pmDistinguished Commentary: Practical Advice From The Streets--What You Really Need To Know About Hip Imaging-
2:18pmMini-Debate: Hip Arthrograms In 2019…Is It Necessary?-
2:18pmPro: Of Course…I Can See Clearly Now!-
2:23pmPro: No Way..Cruel and Unusual Punishment?-
2:28pmPanel: 28-Year-Old Ex-College Hockey Player With A Hip Labral Tear & Joint Space Narrowing-
2:28pmPro: Inject Me Again! Corticosteroids, Hyalouronic Acid, PRP & Anything More Please!-
2:35pmPro: Give Me A Scope & Let Me Work My Magic!-
2:42pmPro: Don’t Fool Yourself…Let’s Resurface The Hip-
2:49pmPanel: Doc, I’m Afraid of Pain!!! Post-Op Pain Control...My Way Is Best!-
2:49pmPro: Less is More.. Don't Forget Capsule and Portal Injections - It Does The Trick-
2:56pmPro: Spinal Epidural: Let’s Get Moving Now-
3:03pmPro: Ilial Fascial Block: All Sensory & No Motor!!-
3:10pmDebate: 21-Year-Old Undergoing A Labral Reconstruction-
3:10pm Pro: Standard Suture Anchors Are The Secret: Don't Kill A Good Thing-
3:16pmPro: Knotless Anchors..Save Your Fingers & Get The Results!-
3:22pmDebate: 26 year old dancer with borderline dysplasia & hip pain who Has failed non-op care-
3:22pmPro: Don’t Sell Your Scope Short-
3:28pmPro: It’s All About The PAO Baby!!-
3:34pmBreak & Visit The Exhibits-
3:59pmHOW I DO IT!-
3:59pmEvolving Technique Update: How To Get The Perfect Cam Resection: 5 Tips, 5 Minutes-
4:04pmEvolving Technique Update: Sports Hernia 101…What the Sports Medicine Doc Needs To Know For Success & How To Do It!-
4:09pmEvolving Technique Update: Sciatic Nerve Decompression…Is this Brillant or Crazy?? Let me show you How!!-
4:14pmEvolving Technique Update: Capsular Reconstruction: You Need To Know How - Why Would I Ever Do That?-
4:19pmHonored Professor Lecture-
4:34pmEvolving Technique Update: 3-D Printing: Ready For Prime Time In The Hip-
4:39pmEvolving Technique: The Dysplastic Hip…What Do I Really Need To Know - How to Choose the Right Patient-
4:46pmMini-Panel: 47-Year-Old Female Triathlete With 2 Years Of Posterior Hip Pain? What Is This Pain In My Butt-
4:46pmPro: It's Your Piriformis Silly!!! You Need to Relax & How I Treat It-
4:52pmPro: It's A Partial Hamstring Tear: A Kiss Of Death For The Endurance Athlete - Maybe-
4:58pmPro: You're All Wrong!! It's The Lumbar Spine-
5:04pmMini-Panel: 18-Year-Old High School Football Player With In-Season "Groin Pain”: To Address Or Not To Address?-
5:04pmPro: STOP The TAPE! The Hips Don’t Lie - FAI Is The Culprit & Needs Surgery-
5:10pm Pro: STOP The TAPE! Athletic Pubalgia - The Fancy Name For Core Muscle Injury & Needs Surgery-
5:16pm Pro: ROLL The TAPE! Don’t Be Ridiculous - Let Him Play & Enjoy The Season!-
5:22pmEvolving Technique Update: Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome: Another Source Of PTSD For The Sports Medicine Provider: How To Manage The Impossible-
5:27pmMini-Debate: Oh No! 17-Year-Old Cheerleader With Diminutive Labrum During Arthroscopy-
5:27pmPro: I Have The Solution: Labral Augmentation Is all You Need!-
5:32pmPro: Are You Crazy?! Don't Touch It!-
5:37pmCase Presentations With Rapid Fire Answers, Putting It All Together-
5:57pmEnd Of Hip Program-
5:57pmSession II Moderator: Nho Time Keeper: Lynch-
5:57pmMini-Debate: It’s All about the Capsule…Keys to Surgical Success PRO Capsulotomy Is So 2010 and Completely Unnecessary...Do It Through Poke Holes!-
6:02pmMini-Debate: It’s All about the Capsule…Keys to Surgical Success PRO Not Too Big, Not Too Small….Interportal Capsulotomy Is All You Need!-
6:07pmMini-Debate: It’s All about the Capsule…Keys to Surgical Success PRO T-Capsulotomy: Don’t Sell Yourself Short!-
6:12pmMini-Debate: 42 year old with 2 cm articular cartilage lesion on Acetabulum-
6:12pmMini-Debate: 42 year old with 2 cm articular cartilage lesion on Acetabulum PRO Leave it Alone…Horse has Left the Stable…Arthroplasty to the Rescue-
6:17pmMini-Debate: 42 year old with 2 cm articular cartilage lesion on Acetabulum PRO Microfracture: Something is Better than Nothing…Fast, Safe, Effective Relief-
6:22pmMini-Debate: 42 year old with 2 cm articular cartilage lesion on Acetabulum PRO It's 2019, We have the Technology…Graft Away!-

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