December 11th – 14th, 2019, Las Vegas, NV

Hip Arthroplasty & Preservation

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Concurrent Session

Room: Grand Ballroom 3

6:00 am - 6:30 pmRegistration-
8:00 am - 6:00 pmExhibit Hours-
6:55amWelcome & Introduction
Start - Break
6:55amComputer/Text Questions Chairman
Start - Break
Section Moderator
7:00amEvolving Technique: Arthroplasty Templating: How I Do It, Why I Do It, How It Makes A Difference - It's A Must!
7:07amPanel: 55-Year-Old Triathlete Needing His First Hip
Debate Moderator
7:07am Pro: I Have Always Done Ceramic On Ceramic
7:14am Pro: Dual Mobility Gives Stability: I Need All Of You To Jump On Board!
7:21amPro: Hip Resurfacing Is The Ideal First Choice: What Is Wrong With You All? - I Have 20 Years Experience
7:28amHonored Professor Commentary: What I Would Do & Why!
7:33amEvolving Technique: Arthroplasty In My Elite Athletes: What I Do, Do I Do It Different For The Weekend Warrior
7:40amDebate: 69-Year-Old Former Professional Tango Dancer Requesting Anterior Total Hip Replacement
Debate Moderator
7:40amPro: Set Up On The Table: Fewer Releases, Fewer Assistants, Better Results - Don't Worry!
7:46am Pro: Are You Crazy?!? Off The Table, Control Leg Length & Stability and No Ankle Fractures!
7:52amSurgical Approaches For Total Hip Arthroplasty: Is It All Hype - What Is The Difference Between Posterior & Anterior
8:00amThe Periprosthetic Fracture: So Many Types But So Simple, Let Me Solve It For You
8:07amCase Presentations With Questions & Answers: The Anterior & Posterior Hip Battle With The Pros
Case Panel Moderator:
Case Panel:
8:37amLIVE SURGERY: Outpatient Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement
Surgery Moderators
9:30amBreak & Visit the Exhibits-
Break - Lunch
10:10amComputer/Text Questions Chairman
Break - Lunch
Section Moderator
10:10amMetallosis, Trunnionosis & Pseudotumors: Basic Science, Diagnosis & Treatment - When Will It Stop
10:18amEvolving Technique: Hip Infections: 8 Minutes That Will Save You & Your Patients A Lifetime Of Problems - Listen Closely
10:26amThe Recalled Total Hip: My Advice From Life Experience
10:34amRemoval Of The Well-Fixed (Recalled Or Infected) Femoral Stem
10:42amModular Reconstruction Of Femoral Bone Loss
10:50amMonoblock Reconstruction Of Femoral Bone Loss
10:58amReconstruction Of The Deficient Pelvis: Even My Fellows Can Plate The Posterior Column
11:06amI Can Fix A Deficient Pelvis From The Front: Why Can't You
11:14amHonored Professor Lecture: Treatment Of Chronic Pelvic Discontinuity: Current Status Using Distraction
11:34amMini-Distinguished Professor Lecture: Imaging Of Failed Arthroplasty: Techniques To Help Make Your Diagnosis & Operative Plan
11:44amCase Presentations With Questions & Answers: Complications In Total Hip Arthroplasty
Case Panel Moderator:
Case Panel:
12:00pmLunch with Non-CME Spotlight Sessions-
1:00pmDessert & Visit the Exhibits-
Lunch - Break
1:30pmComputer/Text Questions Chairman
Lunch - Break
1:30pmPanel: New Technology In Total Hip Arthroplasty: Does It Make A Difference?
Panel Moderator
1:30pmPro: The Robotic Total Hip Arthroplasty
1:37pmPro: Navigation Is The Way To Go!
1:44pm Pro: The Pen Marker and The Lightbox Make It Happen!
1:51pmDVT Prophylaxis & Blood Conservation Strategies: My Plan For Most Of My Patients
1:59pmEvolving Technique: Opiate Sparing, Outpatient Hip Arthroplasty
2:06pm26-Year-Old Status Post Hip Fusion: How I Convert To A THA, Why I Do It, & How To Avoid Complications
2:14pmEvolving Technique Update: The Bundle Is Coming To Your Neighborhood - How To Optimize & Coordinate Care
2:19pmEvolving Technique Update: Rehab, Rehab, Rehab - There Is No Place Like Home - Inpatient Kills The Bundle, Listen Up!
2:24pmIt Is Not Always The Hip, Watch Out For Back Disease - My Algorithm To Not Make Mistakes With The Hip & Back
2:32pmDebate: 55-Year-Old Asks About Primary Femoral Fixation
Debate Moderator
2:32pm Pro: Patient Specific Stem Selection Is The Key
2:38pmPro: Primary Femoral Fixation: Do It The Same Way Every Time - Why Are We Talking About This
2:44pmRevision Total Hip Arthroplasty For Recurrent Dislocation & Understanding The Safe Zone
2:52pmPanel: Keeping The Bone, Preservation Is Key For Primary Hip Arthroplasty
Panel Moderator
2:52pm Pro: Hip Resurfacing In The Young Athlete With Arthritis - Ignore The Naysayers
2:59pmPro: Short Stems are the Answer in 2018 - Wake Up!
3:06pmPro: Stop Dreaming, Prevent Loosening - Use Standard Length Cementless Stems
3:13pmPro: Avoid the Early Failure! Preserve Bone: I Use Standard Length Cemented Stems - You are All Wrong!
3:20pmBreak and Visit the Exhibits-
Break - End
3:50pmComputer/Text Questions Chairman
Break - End
3:50pmEvolving Technique Update: Achieving Leg Lengths By Using The Soft Tissue: 5 Tips, 5 Minutes
Section Moderator
3:55pmDebate: The Metal-On-Metal Debate Is Surgeon Related Not The Bearing
Debate Moderator
3:55pm Pro: I Have Confidence In Metal-On-Metal Bearings - Surgical Judgement And Skill Are Paramount
4:01pmPro: I Have No Confidence In Metal-On-Metal Bearings - It Doesn't Matter Who You Are
4:07pmDistinguished Professor Lecture: MRI Correlations In Hip Preservation
4:22pmEvolving Technique Update: Setting Expectations in Hip Arthroscopy: Delivering What You Promised
4:27pmEvolving Technique: Hyaline Cartilage Allo-Grafting of the Hip Joint
4:32pmEvolving Technique Update: 5 Essential Steps in 5 Minutes, Perfecting CAM Resection
4:37pmMini-Debate: 27-Year-Old Tennis Player With A 1.5cm Full Thickness Acetabular Defect
Debate Moderator
4:37pmPro: Microfracture Works Every Time
4:42pm Pro: It's A Pothole You Need To Fill: Hyaline Cartilage Transplantation Works Every Time!
4:47pmMini-Debate: Acetabular Labral Reconstruction In A 26-Year-Old Female Field Hockey Player
Debate Moderator
4:47pmPro: A Great Primary Procedure For Labral Insufficiency
4:52pmPro: Labral Reconstruction Is Unnecessary & No Evidence To Support Primary Reconstruction
5:02pmMini-Debate: Hip Impingement Or Sports Hernia In A 37-Year-Old Rock Climber
Debate Moderator
5:02pmPro: It's Athletic Pubalgia
5:07pmPro: It's All About Femoral Acetabular Impingement
5:12pmEvolving Technique Update: Endoscopic Hamstring Repair: New Kid On The Block
5:17pmCase Presentations With Questions & Answers
Case Panel Moderator:
Case Panel:
5:32pmEnd of Day-

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