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Thursday, December 10, 2020

General Session

Educational Program Endorsed By

6:30pm (EST)

The Digital Platform, Visiting Exhibit Floor, Winning Prizes & Enjoy Your Snacks

6:35pm (EST)


6:40pm (EST)

Advanced MRI Eval Of The Hip & Pelvis: Making The Diagnosis With Audience Response – Are You That Good?

6:55pm (EST)


Section Moderator:
6:55pm (EST)

My Experience: How I’ve Become Wiser In Selecting Patients & Making The Right Diagnosis

7:05pm (EST)

Honored Professor Lecture: Hip Ultrasound: How You Use It In Your Practice To Make The Diagnosis

7:15pm (EST)

Debate: Hip History & Exam: My Way Or The Highway – The 5 Best Tips To Diagnosis

Debate Moderator:
7:15pm (EST)

Pro: Listen To The Patient. . .It’s All Your History!

7:20pm (EST)

Pro: Lay Your Hands On The Problem: Don’t Underestimate The Physical Exam, It Is Essential!

7:25pm (EST)

Evaluation Of The Dysplastic Hip: What You Need To Know: 5 Pearls

7:35pm (EST)

Debate: The Hip Preservation Patient: Setting Expectations & Optimizing Outcomes: How I Know Best!

Debate Moderator:
7:35pm (EST)

Pro: As A Surgeon, I Know The Best Way To Get A Hip Patient Out Of Trouble & Back In Action!

7:40pm (EST)

Pro: As A Therapist, I Am The Best Point Of Contact For Hip Patient Satisfaction & Successful Outcomes From The Start!

7:45pm (EST)

Clinical Case Presentations Questions & Answers: MRI Correlation: How Good Is The Panel? How Good Are You?

Case Panel Moderators:
Case Panel:
8:10pm (EST)

Studio Giveaway – RAFFLE
Enjoy Your Snacks

8:15pm (EST)


Section Moderator:
8:15pm (EST)

Evolving Technique Update: Coding Tips For A Smooth Finish

8:20pm (EST)

Debate: 60-Year-Old Long Distance Runner With Pain & MRI Evidence Of A Hip Labral Tear: The Better Way To Keep Them Moving

Debate Moderator:
8:20pm (EST)

Pro: Don’t Go There!: My Diagnostic Criteria Makes The Call – Why Nonoperative Is The Better Option!

8:25pm (EST)

Pro: Go There!: My Diagnostic Criteria To Make The Call – Why Surgery Is The Better Option!

8:30pm (EST)

Honored Professor Lecture: When The Arthritic Hip Is Worth Saving: My Best Wisdom Of Diagnosis & Technique Beyond The Obvious

8:40pm (EST)

Debate: 70-Year-Old Squash Player Deciding What To Do With Pain In His Hip: Age Matters When Deciding

Debate Moderator:
8:40pm (EST)

Pro: Don’t Kid Yourself, Your Hip Is Better Off Without A Scope

8:45pm (EST)

Pro: No One Is Kidding, Your Hip Is Better Off With A Scope

8:50pm (EST)

Debate: 17-Year-Old Soccer Player With In Season Groin Pain: What I Do

Debate Moderator:
8:50pm (EST)

Pro: Pull The Player, Avoid Further Damage: He Is So Young

8:55pm (EST)

Pro: Finish The Season, The Damage Is Done: We Can Fix It

9:00pm (EST)

Expert Perspective: Sports Hernia Essentials: My Three Diagnostic Pearls To Success

9:05pm (EST)

Clinical Case Presentations Questions & Answers: Faculty Rebuttal, Hearing Your Thoughts

Case Moderators:
Case Panel:
9:25pm (EST)

Digital Wrap Up & Summary
Studio Giveaway – RAFFLE

9:30pm (EST)

End Hip Sports Program Day 1


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