December 11th – 14th, 2019, Las Vegas, NV

Knee Sports, Patellofemoral & ACL

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Saturday, December 14, 2019

General Session

6:55amEvolving Technique: The Medial Patellofemoral Complex: It Is Tiny, Thin & Powerful & Has Implications For Your Reconstructions-
7:02amEvolving Technique: Dreaded Chondral Defects Of The Patellofemoral Joint: How I Treat Them-
7:09amEvolving Technique: The Tibial Tubercle: When Is It Time & How Do I Succeed-
7:16amEvolving Technique: Trochleoplasty Is Not Just For Europe: How I Do It, When I Do It-
7:23amMini-Debate: 16-Year-Old Field Hockey Player, First Time Patella Dislocation Without Loose Body-
7:23amPro: Remember Your History & Leave It Alone-
7:28amPro: Risk Stratify & Consider Early Stabilization-
7:33amMini-Debate: 22-Year-Old Collegiate Cheerleader With A Third Recurrent Dislocation, Low Grade Trochlear Dysplasia, Normal TT-TG & Patella Height-
7:33amPro: All You Need Is An MPFL Reconstruction-
7:38amPro: Add A Medial Sided-Repair And When I Consider An Osteotomy-
7:43amMini-Panel: 27-Year-Old Recreational Ultimate Frisbee Player With Second Recurrent Patella Instability, High Grade Trochlear Dysplasia, Patella Alta, And Elevated TT-TG-
7:43amPro: Soft Tissue Only: Least Morbitity And Will Get The Job Done-
7:48amPro: Wrong! You Must Add A Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy To Decrease Your Risk Of Failure-
7:53amPro: You Are All Wrong! Do The Trochleoplasty And You Will See The Results-
7:58amCase Presentations With Questions & Answers: Complications Of The Patellofemoral Joint-
8:13amHonored Professor Lecture: Preventable ACL injuries: What I Have Learned Through The Years - Time To Share-
8:28amDebate: 38 Year-Old Female Sustains An Acute Proximal ACL Femoral Avulsion While Skiiing-
8:28amPro: ACL Repair: It Can Work & Makes Sense - Let Me Teach You!-
8:34am Pro: Reconstruction Is The Only Way: Don't Repeat Bad History!-
8:40amEvolving Technique Update: Quad Tendon Harvest: How I Perform Successfully-
8:45amEvolving Technique Update: Patellar Tendon Harvest: Avoiding The Fracture & Other Complications-
8:50amEvolving Technique Update: Hamstring Harvest: Not Being Left Too Short, Let Me Show You How-
8:55amMini-Panel: 15-Year-Old Female Soccer Player (Skeletally Mature) Not Interested In A Collegiate Scholarship-
8:55amPro: Hamstrings Are The Way To Go: Spare Her Morbidity-
9:01amPro: Patellar Tendon: It Works For The Pros, Why Are You Trying Something New? Razzle Dazzle?-
9:07am Pro: The Quad Tendon: It's Simple, It's Cosmetic, Why Haven't You Jumped On Board?-
9:13amEvolving Technique Update Panel: Time To Drill Our Femoral Tunnel: The Titans Way In-
9:13amPro: Transtibial: Not Necessarily A Sin And Should Be Done! I Can Get There-
9:18amPro: The AM Portal Gets You Anatomic: Why Fight This?-
9:23amPro: Two Incision Technique Makes It Easy: I Have Never Changed-
9:28amPro: Retrocutting Devices: Jump On Board You Old Geezers - Technology Is Here, Be Anatomic!-
10:03amPediatric ACL: An Algorithm For Success - You Can Do It-
10:11amThe ACL Tunnel Revolution/Evolution: Where It Was, Where It Needs To Be!-
10:17amDebate: The 21-Year-Old Ligamentous Lax Female & ACL Reconstruction Asking For Extra-articular Lateral Augmentation: ALL, Iliotibial Band, Just Give Me Something!-
10:17am Pro: It Is Just Not Needed, We Have Lived This In The 70s And 80s - Nothing New, Calm Her Down!-
10:23amPro: You Truly Are Old, Worth The Effort, I Will Convince You - Time To Jump On Board-
10:29amEvolving Technique: Outpatient ACL Reconstruction: Catheters, Blocks & Avoiding Opiates - Teaching You The Secrets For ERAS, Say What? ERAS!-
10:36amEvolving Technique: 25-Year-Old Snowboarder With A Draining Wound 7 Weeks After ACL Surgery: How I Manage-
10:43amEvolving Technique: 37-Year-Old Diabetic Marathoner With Tunnel Lysis & Laxity One Year After ACL Reconstruction: Single Vs. Staged Revision - How I Decide-
10:50amEvolving Technique: ACL Graft Failure: Not Respecting Posterior Tibial Slope - My Decision-Making, How To Avoid-
10:57amHonored Professor Lecture: Treating The ACL Injured Knee: How History Can Help You Avoid Pitfalls-
11:12amEvolving Technique: Understanding The Young Athlete <20 Years Of Age: Their Outcomes & Everyone Else-
11:19amReturn To Play Metrics: Knowledge Every ACL Surgeon Needs To Know - My Secrets-
11:27amRevision ACL: My Algorithm For A Successful Second Surgery-
11:35amCase Presentations with Questions & Answers: Rapid Fire Answers, Putting The Faculty On The Spot - All You Need To Know About The ACL Through Cases-
12:05pmLunch Served-
12:20pmLunch Symposium-
1:20pmEnd of Day-

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Orthopaedic Summit: Evolving Techniques

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