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Neuro/Ortho Spine Combined Summit

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Thursday, September 21, 2023

1:45pm (EST)

Welcome & Introduction

1:45pm (EST)


Section Moderators:
1:45pm (EST)

Panel: Buttock and Hip Area Pain: Finding The Primary Source Of Pain

Panel Moderator:
1:45pm (EST)

Pro: The Answer Is In The History & Physical Examination

1:51pm (EST)

Pro: Selective Injections Make All The Difference To Help With The Diagnosis: Is It The Hip? Is It The Spine? Is It The SI Joint?

1:57pm (EST)

Pro: Utility Of Gait Analysis In The Differential Diagnosis Of Hip/Spine Syndrome Is Essential

2:03pm (EST)

Evolving Technique Update: I Already Had My Back & My Hip Fixed, Why Does My Butt Still Hurt?

2:08pm (EST)

Evolving Technique Update: Surgical & Nonsurgical Options For The SI Joint: The Real Pain Generator – Options From Europe & The Netherlands

2:18pm (EST)

Honored Professor Lecture: Understanding The Hip-Spine Relationship In Total Hip Arthroplasty

2:31pm (EST)

Evolving Technique Update: Which Goes First, The Hip Or The Spine? The Spine Is Stiff & Deformed, I Do The Spine First: Let Me Tell You Why

2:36pm (EST)

Panel: Spinopelvic Alignment & Mobility In Health & Disease

2:36pm (EST)

Pro: Degenerative Deformity Or Natural Aging: What Is Normal Spinal Alignment Based On Age?

2:42pm (EST)

Pro: Respect My Hip, If You Must Fuse The Spine, Please Place Pelvis Between Normal Sitting & Standing: Let Me Tell You Why

2:48pm (EST)

Pro: Spinal Motion Preservation: Disc Arthroplasty & Beyond, It’s The Solution

2:54pm (EST)

Evolving Technique Update: Don’t Blame The Spine, Chose The Right Approach & The Right Implant, Then Restore Length, Offset & Center Of Rotation – Go Anterior

2:59pm (EST)

Case Presentations With Questions & Answers & Audience Participation: 3 Complex Hip & Spine Cases: Managing The Patient – A Lightening Round

Case Panel Moderators:
Case Panel:
3:20pm (EST)


3:45pm (EST)

Young Physician Leadership Forum: Spine

5:00pm (EST)

End Of Young Surgeons Leadership Forum: Spine

5:00pm (EST)

Evening Spotlight Sessions & Focus Groups

6:00pm (EST)

End Of Evening Spotlight Sessions

6:30pm (EST)

Chair Reception

8:00pm (EST)

End of Chair Reception

8:00pm (EST)

OSET Halftime Show


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13th Orthopaedic Summit 2023
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