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Orthopaedic Sports Rehab

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Sunday, September 15, 2024

7:00am (PST)

Welcome & Introduction

7:05am (PST)


Section Moderator
7:05am (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: Bridge Enhanced ACL Repairs: Where Are We & Who Is The Perfect Patient?

7:10am (PST)

Evolving Technique: Measuring Neuroplastic Adaptation After ACL Injury & Surgery: How I Have Adjusted My Rehabilitation

7:17am (PST)

Feature Lecture: ACLR Plus LET: Is It A Trend Or Here to Stay - Let Me Share When & Why I Do It

7:27am (PST)

Evolving Technique: ITB Challenges After ACLR Plus LET: What I Do

7:34am (PST)

NMES & Quad Strengthening After ACLR: It's An Oldie But Goodie If You Do It Right!

7:42am (PST)

Evolving Technique: Are Open Chain Exercises Still The Devil In ACL & Patellofemoral Rehab? Let's Review The Facts

7:49am (PST)

Honored Professor Lecture: Do Pediatric ACLs Need To Be Treated With Kid Gloves?

8:04am (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: Are Our Rehab Goals Good Enough To Prevent The Next One?

8:09am (PST)

Debate: 19-Year-Old Collegiate D1 Soccer Play With Season Ending ACL Tear Comes In Your Office For A Second Opinion & Wants To Know Which Graft Is Superior

Debate Moderator
8:09am (PST)

Pro: Quad Tendon Autograft Is Just A Fad: Patella Tendon Autograft Is Tried & True - The Only Option

8:15am (PST)

Pro: You're So Old School: The Quad Tendon Is Where It's At - Get With The Times

8:21am (PST)

Evolving Technique: The CAM Boot To Enhance Quad Strength: It's All About The Gait

8:28am (PST)

Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers & Audience Participation: Everything ACL - Audience Submit Your Cases

Case Panel Moderators
Case Panel
9:00am (PST)


9:45am (PST)


10:15am (PST)

Move Back To Session

10:20am (PST)


Section Moderator
10:20am (PST)

Evolving Technique: Return To Run Criteria After ACLR: Let Me Tell You When & The Facts

10:27am (PST)

Evolving Technique: ACLR Return to Sport, Load Management, and Recovery Science: What I have learned in the NFL.

10:34am (PST)

Evolving Technique: Posttraumatic Knee OA & ACL Injuries: Is There Anything We Can Do To Prevent Or Minimize The Risk?

10:41am (PST)

Distinguished Professor Lecture: Reducing Knee Injury Risk: What I've Learned in 20 Years

10:56am (PST)

Psychological Readiness Considerations For Return To Sport

11:04am (PST)

Evolving Technique: Back to the Future: Integrating Isokinetics For Training & Testing In 2024

11:11am (PST)

Building Strength & Explosiveness Through Progressive Loading

11:19am (PST)

Evolving Technique: Does Hop Testing Tell Me Anything? Keys to Meaningful Functional Testing

11:26am (PST)

Putting it All Together: Testing & Criteria From Return To Play To Return To Sport

11:34am (PST)

Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers& Audience Participation: Strategies For Return To Play - Audience Submit Your Case

Case Panel Moderator
Case Panel
11:59am (PST)

Lunch Served

12:14pm (PST)

Spotlight Session I

12:44pm (PST)

Spotlight Session II

1:14pm (PST)


1:44pm (PST)


Section Moderator
1:44pm (PST)

Feature Lecture: Surgical Advances, Graft Selection, & Best Practice For Rotator Cuff Repair In 2024

1:54pm (PST)

Evolving Technique: My Patient Has A Small Rotator Cuff Tear: Will Rehab Make Any Difference?

2:01pm (PST)

A Pain In The Neck: Keys To A Correct Differential Diagnosis

2:08pm (PST)

Feature Lecture: Balloons & Patches: Pearls To Revision Rotator Cuff Repair

2:18pm (PST)

Evolving Technique: Postop Rotator Cuff Repair Rehabilitation: 7 Tips In 7 Minutes

2:25pm (PST)

Feature Lecture: Forget the Other Options: Reverse Arthroplasty is the Only Answer

2:35pm (PST)

Rehab After Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty: Is Less More? What I Do Different

2:42pm (PST)

Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers & Audience Participation: Everything Rotator Cuff - Audience Submit Your Case

Case Panel Moderator
Case Panel
3:10pm (PST)


3:40pm (PST)


Section Moderator
3:40pm (PST)

Evolving Technique: AC Joint Separations: Treatment Options

3:50pm (PST)

Evolving Technique: Pain & Stiffness Following Rotator Cuff Repair: What To Do

3:57pm (PST)

Evolving Technique: The Principles For Optimizing Rehab: Emerging Evidence From Pain Science

4:04pm (PST)

Evolving Technique: Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty: When & Why

4:14pm (PST)

Evolving Technique: Revision Rehabilitation: Similarities, Differences, and Ditches to Avoid

4:21pm (PST)

Evolving Technique: Rotator Cuff Repair Or Total Shoulder Arthroplasty: Can They Return To Sports?

4:28pm (PST)

Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers & Audience Participation: Complications, Optimizing Rehab, Rotator Cuff, Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty - Audience Submit Your Cases

Case Panel Moderators
Case Panel
4:58pm (PST)

End Of Orthopaedic Sports Rehab Session

4:58pm (PST)

Evening Spotlight Sessions & Focus Groups

5:58pm (PST)

End of Evening Spotlight Sessions & Focus Groups

5:58pm (PST)

Chair Reception

7:28pm (PST)

End Chair Reception


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