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Shoulder & Elbow Sports

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Friday, September 23, 2022

7:10am (EST)

Welcome & Introduction

7:15am (EST)


Section Moderator:
7:15am (EST)

Evolving Technique Update: Please Let Me Tell You How To Qualify & Quantify Bone Loss Without Any Sophisticated Math: We Need To All Agree – Give Me 5 Minutes

7:20am (EST)

Mini-Panel: 20-Year-Old Male Collegiate Lineback With Recurrent Anterior Instability & 13.5% Subcritical Glenoid Bone Loss

Panel Moderator:
7:20am (EST)

Pro: Arthroscopic Repair & Yes A Remplissage: He Won’t Be Too Tight

7:25am (EST)

Pro: Open Bankart Repair/Capsular Shift: Works The First Time & Never Fails

7:30am (EST)

Pro: Open Bankart With Long Head Of The Biceps Dynamic Transfer: It’s A Little Bankart Plus

7:35am (EST)

Pro: Arthroscopic Bone Block Reconstruction

7:40am (EST)

Pro: Cortical Bone Allograft: One Size Fits All – Just Put It In!

7:45am (EST)

Challenging Our Panel: Why Not Just A Simple Arthroscopic Repair – Lessons Learned

7:55am (EST)

Final Words: A Lifetime Of Experience

7:58am (EST)

Evolving Technique: So Many Options For Bony Reconstruction Procedures For The Unstable Shoulder: Latarjet, Distal Tibia, Distal Clavicle, Iliac Crest Bone Graft

8:05am (EST)

Evolving Technique Update: How I Evaluate A First Time Shoulder Dislocation: 5 Minutes, 5 Tips

8:10am (EST)

Mini-Panel: 17-Year-Old Lacrosse Midfielder Sustains A First Time Anterior Shoulder Dislocation Mid-Season

Panel Moderator:
8:10am (EST)

Pro: Repair Now, You Get Great Results, It’s Easy

8:15am (EST)

Pro: Rehab Is The Answer! Recurrent Instability Is So Rare

8:20am (EST)

Pro: Let Him Play, Wait For The 2 nd Dislocation, It Gets The Same Result

8:25am (EST)

Challenging Our Panel: The Role Of Long Term Arthritis: Is That The Decision Maker – What I Know

8:35am (EST)

Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers: All Instability

Case Panel Moderators:
Case Panel:
9:00am (EST)


9:45am (EST)

5 Pearls To Successfully Rehab The Surgically Fixed Anterior Dislocated Shoulder

9:50am (EST)


10:05am (EST)


Section Moderators:
10:05am (EST)

Evolving Technique: 21-Year-Old D1 Collegiate Athlete With Elbow Pain: How I Examine To Make The Diagnosis

10:12am (EST)

Evolving Technique: 28-Year-Old Training For The Strong Man Competition Needs A Chronic Distal Biceps Reconstruction: It’s The Tibialis Anterior That Is Your Friend – Let Me Show You How

10:19am (EST)

Surgical Technique Debate: 41-Year-Old Recreational Weight Lifter With A Sudden Pop, Noted Popeye Lump & Pain In The Dominant Arm

Debate Moderator:
10:19am (EST)

Pro: Distal Biceps Repair: Two Incision, It’s Safe & It’s The Gold Standard – Don’t Listen To My Colleague

10:24am (EST)

Pro: Distal Biceps Repair: Single Incision, Are You Crazy? Don’t You Read The Literature? Let Me Show You How

10:29am (EST)

55-Year-Old Former Shot Putter, Now Taking Nutrients, Can’t Extend His Arm Suddenly In The Gym: A Triceps Repair Made Simple With Bad Tissue

10:37am (EST)

Surgical Technique Panel: 19-Year-Old D1 Collegiate Baseball Pitcher With Elbow Pain & Loss Of Velocity On Ball Release, Requires Surgery: How I Do It & Why

Panel Moderator:
10:37am (EST)

Pro: Fix The UCL With A Primary Repair & Internal Brace: The Only Way To Go

10:43am (EST)

Pro: Fix The UCL With A Docking Technique: Listen To Me

10:49am (EST)

Pro: UCL Hybrid Reconstruction: This Is The Future, My Colleagues Are Lost In The Past

10:55am (EST)

Surgical Technique Debate: 45-Year-Old Master’s Tennis Champion Falls During The Last Point Of The Match, Now Notes Continuing Lateral-Sided Elbow Pain – Simple Elbow Dislocation With A Torn LCL

Panel Moderator:
10:55am (EST)

Pro: Repair The LCL With Double-Row Suture Anchors: Keep It Simple – Let Me Show You My Technique

11:00am (EST)

Pro: Reconstruct The LCL My Friend: Make It Strong, Make It Last, One & Done

11:05am (EST)

Surgical Technique Debate: 37-Year Old Country Club Champ With Lingering Lateral-Sided Elbow Pain, Unable To Hit Her Cross Court Backhand For 6 Months

Panel Moderator:
11:05am (EST)

Pro: Lateral Epicondylitis: Easy To Fix & Get Back To The Tennis Court Fast With A Ultrasonic Percutaneous Tenotomy +/- PRP

11:10am (EST)

Pro: Lateral Epicondylitis: The Arthroscopic Release Is Simple, You See It All & Never Miss Secondary Causes – Don’t Listen To My Colleague

11:15am (EST)

Evolving Technique: The Medial Epicondyle Avulsion: Acute Repair & Chronic Reconstruction: Indications & Surgical Techniques

11:22am (EST)

16-Year-Old Gymnast With Consistent 2-Year Pain Of The Dominant Elbow, Unable To Compete: The OCD Of The Capitellum – My Surgical Algorithm For A Successful Restoration

11:30am (EST)

Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers: Everything Sports Elbow – No Waffling, No Pontification

Case Panel Moderators:
Case Panel:
12:00pm (EST)

Lunch Served

12:10pm (EST)

Lunch With Non-CME Spotlight Session I: Elbow

12:40pm (EST)

Lunch With Non-CME Spotlight Session II: Shoulder

1:10pm (EST)


1:45pm (EST)


Section Moderator:
1:45pm (EST)

Mini-Panel: 55-Year-Old Professional Bingo Player Slips On Wet Floor Running To Get Her Bingo Prize, Her Rotator Cuff Is Torn & She Is Stiff & Unable To Actively Move Her Arm

Panel Moderator:
1:45pm (EST)

Pro: You Must Rehab This Shoulder To Regain Passive Motion Then You Can Operate

1:50pm (EST)

Pro: Don’t Be Ridiculous! Do The Releases & Repair The Rotator Cuff: One & Done!

1:55pm (EST)

Pro: Slow & Steady Wins The Race! A Staged Release & Then Rotator Cuff Repair On Day 91

2:00pm (EST)

Honored Professor Lecture: The Rotator Cuff: What I Have Learned Over 40 Years – Repairs, Reconstructions, Replacements & Rehab

2:15pm (EST)

Mini-Panel: 60-Year-Old Electrician With A Massive Irreparable Superior Rotator Cuff Tear Seeking 5 Opinions: I Need To Get Back To Work, Please Help Me

Panel Moderator:
2:15pm (EST)

Pro: Keep It Simple: Partial Rotator Cuff Repair With Debridement Will Solve His Pain, He Will Be Back To Work In No Time

2:20pm (EST)

Pro: Correct My Colleague, But A Little Razzle Dazzle: Long Head Of The Biceps Anchor Anterior Cable Reconstruction With Partial Posterior Cuff Repair

2:25pm (EST)

Pro: Wrong My Friends! Superior Capsular Reconstruction Is The Answer, He Has No Arthritis

2:30pm (EST)

Pro: Slow Down My Friends, It Is Time For The Correct Tendon Transfer

2:35pm (EST)

Pro: The Subacromial Balloon Spacer: The New Kid On The Block Gets Him Back To Work

2:40pm (EST)

Pro: You Are All Ridiculous! Put In The Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty: One & Done, Do It Now

2:45pm (EST)

Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers: All Things Rotator Cuff

Case Panel Moderators:
Case Panel:
3:15pm (EST)


3:45pm (EST)


Section Moderator:
3:45pm (EST)

Evolving Technique Update: 71-Year-Old Active Yoga Instructor With A Fragility Fracture Of The Upper Extremity: The Correct Office Work-Up & Proper Diagnostic Testing

3:50pm (EST)

55-Year-Old Female With A Symptomatic Rotator Cuff Tear & Chondromalacia/Arthritis: How I Have The Conversation Of All The Options

3:58pm (EST)

Panel: 41-Year-Old Newly Admitted Shoulder Society Surgeon Intra-op Finds A Subscapularis Tendon Tear In Addition To A Small Supraspinatus Tear: The MRI Did Not Suspect A Subscap Tear

Panel Moderator:
3:58pm (EST)

Pro: I Know How To Do This: It’s An Arthroscopic Repair – I Wasn’t Prepared But I Am Calm

4:04pm (EST)

Pro: Open Repair: Change Course, I Prefer Not To Fix This Through The Arthroscope – I Still Can Get A Great Result

4:10pm (EST)

Pro: Does It Really Need To Be Fixed: I Just Need To Squint & Pretend It Is Not There – What Are My Ramifications

4:16pm (EST)

Debate: 62-Year-Old Accomplished Shoulder Surgeon Is Accidentally Knocked Over By The Nursing Supervisor: MRI Shows Large Acute On Chronic Rotator Cuff Tear

Debate Moderator:
4:16pm (EST)

Pro: Fix It Now & Here Is The Reason Why

4:21pm (EST)

Pro: Rehab His Shoulder: He Needs To Work & Make It To Retirement

4:26pm (EST)

Rotator Cuff Surgery & Perioperative Pain Management: All The Adjuncts – Cannabis, Acupuncture, Tens Unit, Transdermals, Lidoderm Patches, Ice & Compression, Hypnosis, Cryoanalgesia & Now For The Facts

4:34pm (EST)

Feature Lecture: Wait! What’s This In My Shoulder X-Ray? How I Work Up & Treat Upper Extremity Tumors, When To Refer, Proper Imaging, Does It Need Surgery – A Guide To Success, Don’t Be Afraid

4:44pm (EST)

The Revision Of The Revision Rotator Cuff Repair: I Know I Can Make It Work Or Do I? So Many Patches, Do I Fix & Create A Partial Repair? Which Patch Is An Augment? Which Is A Bridge Repair? – Please Give Me The Answers

4:52pm (EST)

“I Want To Pump You Up” With Biology: PRP, BMAC, Bursal Harvest, Biologic Anchors, The Role Of Patches – Don’t Be Confused

5:00pm (EST)

I Love My Therapist But My Surgeon Is Confusing Me: What Is My Postop Rehabilitation Protocol? – Immediate Motion, Delayed Motion, Home Program, No Sling, Yes Abduction Pillow – Would Someone Please Tell Me What I Am Supposed To Do

5:08pm (EST)

Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers: Shoulder Potpourri: Stump The Stars, We All Make Mistakes Sometimes

Case Panel Moderators:
Case Panel:
5:38pm (EST)

End Of Shoulder Sports Program


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