December 11th – 14th, 2019, Las Vegas, NV

Shoulder Sports

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Saturday, December 8, 2018

General Session

Room: Bellagio Ballroom 2, 3, 4, 6, 7

6:00 am - 2:00 pmRegistration-
8:00 am - 2:00 pmExhibit Hours-
6:55amWelcome & Introduction
Start - Break
6:55amComputer/Text Questions Chairman
Start - Break
Section Moderators
6:59amEvolving Technique: Update on Stem Cells and Growth Factors 2018
7:06amEvolving Technique Update: Lipogems Update: Fat Is Where It Is At, I Am Not Afraid of Being a Plastic Surgeon
7:11am8 Tips in 8 Minutes to Tell Your Anesthesiologist: How to be Successful in Outpatient Shoulder Surgery
Section Moderators
7:19amQuick Answers for Complications in Shoulder Surgery: Coracoid Fractures After AC Joint Surgery, Subscapularis Rupture After Open Anterior Instability, Stiffness After SLAP Repair and Failed Posterior Instability - How I Prevent Them
7:27amRecurrent Instability of My In Season Athletes: My Algorithm for Success
7:35amEvolving Technique: Postoperative Infection After My Rotator Cuff Surgery: What I Do and What I Have Changed and Recommend for All of You
7:42amEvolving Technique Update: Can I Stop the Train? Rapidly Progressive OA Postop: Why and What I Can Do to Prevent It In Instability Surgery
7:47amThe Nerves Around the Shoulder: What I Have Learned and How to Avoid Them!
7:55amEvolving Technique Update: Propionbacterium Acnes: Why I Care, What I Do - Is This the Culprit?
8:00amEvolving Technique Update: Watching Out for Big Red: When You Have A Major Vascular Problem and the ABCs - What to Do About It Calmly
Section Moderator
8:05amEvolving Technique: 7-Minute Proof of Non-Operative Management of the Rotator Cuff in a 53-Year-Old Man: MOON Shines Bright
8:12amDebate: Impingement Syndrome in a 23-Year-Old Former Collegiate Swimmer
8:12amPro: Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression is Alive
8:18amPro: The Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression Died and is So Old - Wrong Diagnosis
8:24amEvolving Technique Update: Asymptomatic Rotator Cuff Tear in a 53-Year-Old Peleton Female: What To Do and How to Counsel the Young Patient
8:29amEvolving Technique: 34-Year-Old Weekend Baseball Player with a Small Full Thickness Rotator Cuff Tear & Posterior Labral Tear: What I Do and Which I Fix and How Not To Be Stiff
8:36amDebate: 68-year-Old Farmer Who Heard a Pop 48 Hours Ago in His Dominant Shoulder and Has a 2 Tendon Tear
8:36amPro: Sharpen Your Knife Fix It Now
8:42amPro: Slow Down Westerner And Rehab First: He Will Likely Be Satisfied, What Do You Have To Lose?
8:48amMini International Honored Professor Evolving Technique Update: Automatic Arthroscopic Transosseous Device - Thoughts From Across The Pond!
8:55amEvolving Technique: Back to the Future: Arthroscopic Transosseous Rotator Cuff Repair: Better Than Anchors - My Results
9:02amDistinguished Professor Lecture: The Three Tendon Rotator Cuff Tear: Deep Breath And My Algorithm For Success
9:14amMaking Us All Great: Converting from Open to Arthroscopic Subscapularis Tears: How I Did It
9:22amEvolving Technique: The In-Office Arthroscope: Challenging The Utilization Of MRI To Give The Consumer The Answer Right Away To Hopefully Save Healthcare Dollars & Anxiety
Break to Lunch
10:05amComputer/Text Questions Chairman
Break - Lunch
10:05amEvolving Technique Live Surgery #4: Superior Capsular Reconstruction
Surgeon Panel
10:55amPanel: The Massive Rotator Cuff Tear in a 71-Year-Old Swimmer - Too Many Options, the Experts Weigh In, I Want Answers
Panel Moderator
10:55amPro: Repair: Let Me Teach You How, Watch Me
11:02amPro: Repair and Patch It to Ensure It Avoids Retear, I Have Results
11:09amPro: Transfers: I Have the Secret Sauce - You Boys Are Lost!
11:16amPro: Augments: I Have Been Doing This for Years and Watch Him Swim and Pick Up the Grandkids
11:23amCommentary & Thoughts
11:26amHonored Professor Lecture: The Rotator Cuff Repair: How I Used to Do It, What I Learned and How I Do It Now
11:41amCase Presentations with Questions & Answers: Rotator Cuff
Case Panel Moderators:
Case Panel:
12:11pmLunch Served-
12:26pmLunch Symposium-
1:26pmEnd of Morning-

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Orthopaedic Summit: Evolving Techniques

When: December 5-8, 2018

Where: Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

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