December 11th – 14th, 2019, Las Vegas, NV

Shoulder Sports Medicine

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

General Session

6:50amWelcome & Introduction-
6:55am52-Year-Old Female Tennis Player 10 Years With A Small, Non-Retracted Rotator Cuff - Nobody's Touching Me: Predictors Of Success Or Failure-
7:03amPanel: 38-Year-Old Racquetball Player With A Painful, Partial Thickness, Articular-Sided Rotator Cuff Tear-
7:03amPro: In Situ Repair: Keep What You Have: The Literature And My Experience Has Proven It!-
7:10amPro: Biologic Augment Repair: Don't You Dare Touch It, Treat The Bursal Side - Say What?!?-
7:17amPro: Take Down & Repair With Anchors & Scaffold: Old Ways Are The Best Ways-
7:24amHonored Professor Commentary: I Have Tried It All, My Thoughts-
7:27amDebate: 56-Year-Old Electrician With A High-Grade, Partial Thickness, Bursal-Sided Rotator Cuff Tear-
7:27amPro: Time To Read The Literature Old Man, Fix It And Don't Do An Acromioplasty: Watch Me!-
7:33amPro: Step Back & Watch 26 Years Of Experience & Outcomes: Do The Acromioplasty Foolish Southerner!-
7:39amHonored Professor Lecture: MRI Of The Shoulder: Understanding Rotator Cuff, Fat Atrophy & Helping You Predict Success-
7:54amDebate: 63-Year-Old Female Cyclist With An Acute, Retracted, Large, 2-Tendon Rotator Cuff Tear After A Bike Crash-
7:54amPro: Fix It Now: Why Make Your Job Hard, It Is Only Going To Get Worse-
8:00am Pro: Rehab This Shoulder, You Have No Idea What You Are Talking About - Nothing Gained By Operating Now-
8:06amHonored Professor Commentary: My Thoughts Of This Predicament-
8:09amEvolving Technique Update: 2019 Update: Biologics, Stem Cells, Growth Factors For Rotator Cuff Tears: Does It Make Any Sense - Fact Or Fiction-
8:14amPanel: 53-Year Old Male Skiier With A Garage Sale Fall For Years Ago With A Massive Irreparable Superrior Rotator Cuff Tear-
8:14amPro: Superior Capsular Reconstruction: The New Kid On The Block - Step-By-Step-
8:21amPro: Slow Down, Not Yet! Fix What You Can, Get Out, You'd Be Amazed How Good They Do-
8:28am Pro: Forget The Lat Transfer! Time To Show You The Lower Trapezius Transfer, Razzle Dazzle-
8:35amPro: Go With The Rest Of The World, Stay Simple, Fly With A Balloon-
8:42amHonored Professor Lecture: Rotator Cuff Repairs: What I Knew, What I Know & What I Have Learned-
8:57amEvolving Technique Update: Arthroscopic Subscap Repair: 5 Steps, 5 Minutes - We All Need To Know How-
9:02amEvolving Technique Update: When I Convert From Arthroscopic To Open Subscap Repairs: Why & How-
9:07amTensionable Subscapularis Repairs-
9:15amRapid Fire Rotator Cuff Cases & Putting Panelists On The Spot-
9:35amBreak and Visit Exhibits-
10:15amEvolving Technique: Suprascapular Nerve Decompression: Releasing With The Scope: When, Why & How?-
10:22amEvolving Technique: Arthroscopic Transossous Cuff Repair: Better Than Anchors, Old Ways, New Toys-
10:29amEvolving Technique: My Rep Told Me, Metal, No Biocomposite, No PEEK: Does It Matter What We Use In The Shoulder?-
10:36amOPEN SLOT-
10:44amPropionibacterium Acnes: Benzoil Peroxide - Avoiding The Postop Infection After Rotator Cuff Repairs Everything You Need To Know In 2019-
10:52amI Never Wrote The Rehab Prescription: My Patient Called, Heard & Felt A Pop 2 Months Post Repair - Now What?-
11:00amEvolving Technique: Stiffness Post Repair: 7 Minutes, 7 Tips - How To Avoid It & Why It Happens-
11:14amEvolving Technique Update: Can't Lift My Arm, It Is Just Like Before: Failure Of The Cuff To Heal - Sage Advice For The Second Time, Managing Expectations - My Tricks-
11:22amRotator Cuff Repairs: The Pro Vs. Recreational Athlete - Avoiding Complications, Why I Might Do Less-
11:30amMini-Debate: 47-Year-Old Female Fell On Ice 4 Months Ago With An 8-mm Full Thickness Rotator Cuff Tear And No Motion-
11:30am Pro: Inject Subacromial Space/Intraarticular: Deciding Which One, Sending Her To Rehab, She May Be Just Fine-
11:35amPro: Forget The Injection, Time For The Capsular Release, Careful Manipulation & A Rotator Cuff Repair-
11:40amCase Presentations With Questions & Answers: Time To Be Honest! Complications I Have Seen, Been Involved & Need To Share - Part I-
12:00pmLunch Served-
12:15pmLunch Symposium I - Slot for highest financial contributor-
1:00pmunch Symposium II-
1:45pmDessert and Visit Exhibits-
2:15pmDebate: A-27-Year-Old Rugby Hooker With Overhead Pain In A Scrum-
2:21pmPro: SLAP Repair Is Still Here In 2019 - Don't Make The Mistake!-
2:27pmPro: You Foolish Young Man! Learn Anything Lately? Do The Biceps Tenodesis!-
2:33pmPanel: 18-Year-Old Wrestler With Second Time Anterior Dislocation - What I Do For Success!-
2:33pm Pro: Knotless: Technology Is Here To Stay-
2:40pmPro: Knots: Let My 6-Year-Old Teach You How-
2:47pmPro: Razzle, Dazzle - The Horizontal Mattress Stitch-
2:54pmPro: Open Repair Is The Only Way To Go To Avoid Redislocation - Wake Up!-
3:01pmMini-Honored Professor Lecture: Knowing How To Do A Procedure Correctly-
3:12pmPanel: 17-Year-Old Male Lacrosse Player with a Third Dislocation in a Year (5% Bone Loss & Moderate 20% Hill-Sachs)-
3:12pm Pro: Arthroscopic Capsulolabral Reconstruction is the clear winner-
3:19pmPro: Youre Almost Right, Add the Remplissage for Security - Belt & Suspenders-
3:26pmPro: You're Both Wrong! I'm Going Right To The Latarjet - Let Me Teach You Something Today-
3:33pmEvolving Technique Update: Arthroscopic Technique Update: I Can Salvage Bony Bankart Fragments and Get Them to Heal - 5 Steps, 5 Minutes-
3:38pmEvolving Technique: The Arthroscopic Latarjet: Always Getting Better, Making Sure To Be Safe, Don't Discount It-
3:45pmEvolving Technique Update Panel: Putting Bone Back: 24-Year-Old Female Volleyball Player With Anterior Instability, 35% Glenoid Bone Loss - Strut Your Stuff! Prove It!-
3:45pmPro: Open Latarjet With Coracoid: Classic And Reproducible-
3:50pmPro: Iliac Crest Bone Graft: Understand Morphology, Shape, Anatomy - Come On!-
3:55pmPro: The Distal Tibial Allograft: Reproducible With New Technology Sets - Don't Listen To Others!-
4:00pmPro: Step Aside Everyone! Glenojet Is Here! Why Make An Operation Hard-
4:05pmBreak and Visit Exhibits-
4:30pmEvolving Technique Update: 18-Year-Old Defensive Lineman With A Posterior Labral Tear: 5 Minutes, 5 Steps In The Beach Chair Position - Don't Be Afraid-
4:35pmEvolving Technique Update: 18-Year-Old Defensive Lineman With A Posterior Labral Tear: 5 Minutes, 5 Steps In The Lateral Decubitus Position - Don't Be Afraid-
4:40pmHonored Professor Lecture:-
4:55pmMini-Lecture: The Latarjet Bone Is Disappearing: Do I Need To Worry? What Am I Thinking?-
5:01pmMini-Lecture: The Latarjet Failed: He's Only 27-Years-Old - This Is Terrible, What Do I Do? Understanding The Bail Out-
5:07pmCase Presentations With Questions & Answers: Understanding The Role Of Scapular Dyskinesia With Clinical Case Discussion-
5:22pm37-Year-Old Former Weight Lifter In A MVA With Injury To The Lower Trapezius & Rhomboids, Diagnosing And Treating Scapular Muscle Detachment-
5:30pmRapid Fire Presentations: Instability & Potpourri And Complications - Time To Be Honest, More Sharing - Part II-
6:00pmEnd Of Shoulder Program Day 1-
6:02pmDinner Non CME Spotlight Session 1-
7:17pmDinner Non CME Spotlight Session 2-

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Orthopaedic Summit: Evolving Techniques

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