December 11th – 14th, 2019, Las Vegas, NV

Shoulder Sports Medicine, Arthroplasty & Fractures

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

General Session

6:50amWelcome & Introduction
Start to Break
6:55amLIVE SURGERY: Open Latarjet Versus Complex Rotator Cuff Repair
Surgery Moderators
Section Moderator
7:30amDebate: The Sudden Pop, An Isolated Long Head Of The Biceps Rupture In A 50-Year-Old Squash Player
Debate Moderator
7:30amPro: You Need To Repair This Injury Now
7:36amPro: Mr. Former AANA President, As The ABJS President, Let Me Show You They All Do Well Nonoperatively - Read The Literature, Stop Worrying
7:42amEvolving Technique Update: The Pec Major Rupture: 5 Steps, 5 Minutes - It's A Great Operation, Solve The Weight Lifter's Problem
7:47amMini-Panel: 53-Year-Old Former Professional Ice Hockey Player with a 3 1/2 Part Proximal Humerus Fracture: My Way!
Panel Moderator
7:47amPro: Polyaxial Plates With Locking Caps Now Eliminates The Failure Of Screw Backing Out : Why Aren't You Using It
7:53amPro: ORIF with the Newest IM Nail
7:59amPro: The Cage: It Makes Sense, New Kid On The Block, Try It! You Will Never Go Back
8:05amPro: Stop Fooling Around, Do the Reverse, You Are All Insane - I Get The Results
8:11amHonored Professor Commentary: Reflections With Over 30 Years Of Experience - Managing Patient Expectations For Proximal Humerus Fractures
8:14amEvolving Technique Update: A Unique Approach To Treat Proximal Humerus Fractures In Fragility Cases Utilizing Bone Void Fillers Through Injection Screws And Polyaxial Plating
8:19amEvolving Technique : The 74-Year-Old With A Proximal Humerus Fracture With Sudden Vascular Injury: Stay Calm, Time To Stabilize, Know The Steps For Remedy When No Vascular Surgeon Is Near By - Wake Up, We All Can Do It!
8:26amEvolving Technique Update: The 69-Year-Old Former Ski Patrolwoman With A Proximal Humerus Fracture, Nerve In, Extending To The Mid/Distal Shaft: How I Use The Reverse Long Stem, Stop The Plating Now! 5 Steps, 5 Minutes-
8:31amProximal Humerus Fractures: My Algorithm When To Leave It, When To Fix It, When To Replace It - Listen Up!
8:39amCase Presentations with Questions & Answers: Proximal Humerus Fractures: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Rapid Fire Answers, No Waffling, Solving The Problems
Case Panel Moderators
Case Panel
9:04amTHE AC JOINT IN 2019
Section Moderators
9:04amMini-Panel: 35-Year-Old Weight Lifter Status Post Type III/V AC Dislocation With Pain: What's New, What's Old?
Panel Moderators
9:04amPro: Restoration Of Normal Mechanics: Understanding Surgical Techniques: It's Easy - Watch Me!
9:10amPro: AC Reconstruction My Way Can Work: Learn How
9:16amPro: Leave The AC Joint Alone: Stop The Nonsense
9:22am21-Year-Old Road Warrior Cyclist With A Dislocated AC Joint & A Distal Clavicle Fracture: My Protocol For Evaluation & Treatment
Break Lunch
Section Moderator
10:10amEvolving Technique: 56-Year-Old With Difficulty Swallowing 6 Years After An MVA: I Never Knew I Had An SC Joint Problem - How To Reconstruct & Avoid Instability
10:17amDebate: The 19-Year-Old Eagle Scout Inducted In A Secret Ceremony With A Midshaft Clavicle Fracture
Debate Moderator
10:17amPro: Time To Fix, We Have All The Technology: ORIF Now!
10:23amPro: Nonoperative Treatment: My Inventor Of Plates, Slow Down, No Treatment Works Just Fine!
10:29amEvolving Technique Update: Type II Distal Clavicle Fractures: What's New, How To Fix Whether Acute Or Chronic
10:34amLIVE SURGERY: The Total Shoulder
Surgery Moderators
Section Moderators
11:09amEvolving Technique: 45-Year-Old Yoga Instructor With Grade III/IV Shoulder Osteoarthritis: I Do NOT Want Shoulder Surgery: What Non Surgical Treatment Is Out There And Show Me The Evidence
11:17amHonored Professor Lecture: My Odyssey When Developing Pre-op Planning Software & Experience With Total Shoulder Replacement - Where I Started, Where I Am Today - The Easy Ones & The Hard Ones
11:32amEvolving Technique Update: Humeral Exposure Is The Key to Glenoid Exposure: Say What?
11:37amCommentary Update: You Still Can't See The Glenoid No Matter What: My Additional 3 Tips In 3 Minutes
11:40amEvolving Technique Update: Other Concepts Of Patient Specific Implants: The Future Is Here - Sensor-Assisted, Bluetooth Technology, I Have The Answers!-
11:45amTotal Shoulder With Chamfer Cuts: It's Here, Successful, Let Me Tell You More
11:53amCase Presentations with Questions & Answers: Potpourri Of Osteoarthritis - Rapid Fire Answers
Case Panel Moderators
Case Panel
12:20pmLunch With Non-CME Spotlight Sessions-
Section Moderator
1:45pmEvolving Technique Update: Shoulder Arthritis In The Gym Rat/Bodybuilder: Why I Am Not Afraid
1:50pmEvolving Technique Update: TBA -
1:57pmEvolving Technique: How To Make A Shoulder Anatomic Again: The Inlay Glenoid
2:04pmPanel: How I Manage the Biconcave Glenoid in 65-Year-Old Pickle Ball Player
Panel Moderators
2:04pmPro: Eccentric Reaming is Enough for Me: Keep It Simple
2:11pmPro: Augmented Glenoids Are Here Now! Wake Up Old Guys
2:18pmPro: Stop The Nonsense & Do A Reverse Shoulder Replacement
2:25pmHonored Professor Commentary: My Position: Has It Changed Over The Years For The Biconcave Glenoid?
2:28pmPanel: Perioperative Considerations In The Total Shoulder & Reverse Total Shoulder Patient: Keeping You Out Of The Courtroom
Panel Moderator
2:28pmPro: Metal Allergies: Faction, Fiction, Or Just Crazy People
2:35pmPro: Blood Management, DVT, TXA, To Clot Or Not To Clot, That Is The Question
2:42pmPro: Outpatient Total Shoulder Arthroplasty: It Is A Reality & How I Select My Patients
2:49pmEvolving Technique Update: The 74-Year-Old Proximal Comminuted Humerus Fracture, Low Demand: Why I Go To The Reverse & Skip The Total Shoulder, ORIF Or Conservative Rehabilitation - Listen To My Words of Wisdom
2:54pmMini-Honored Professor Lecture: Maverick, It Is Not Top Gun: Don't Worry About The Metal, I Can Still Tell You The Status Of The Rotator Cuff To Avoid The Wrong Procedure - Listen Up!
Section Moderator
3:04pmEvolving Technique Update: Reverse-A-Mania Gone Wild: An Honest Discussion To Avoid Complications In An Operation That Is Not So Easy-
3:11pmHow I Do The Perfect Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty Every Time
3:19pmA Hard Operation Made Easier: Learning How To Get In & Out Of Tight Places With A Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty
3:27pmEvolving Technique: How I Revise A Total Shoulder To A Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty, 7 Minutes, 7 Tips - Hold On To Your Seats
4:04pmEvolving Technique Update: Reverse Hemi Arthroplasty? Say What? Are You Kidding?!?
4:09pmPanel: Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty: So Many Types, Which Do I Choose? Prove Your Point - 5 Minutes Each Contestant
Panel Moderator
4:09pmPro: The Medialized RSA Is The Answer!
4:16pmPro: No Way Mr. Chairman, Go Lateralized! It's The Only Way - You Better Jump On Board-
4:23pmPro: Hybrid: The Answer Is Always In The Middle - Stop Being So Argumentative My Friends, Consensus!
Section Moderator
4:30pmDebate: 67-Year-Old Train Conductor With An Infected Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty
Debate Moderator
4:30pmPro: One Stage Remedy: Listen To The Steps, Understand How To Get Him Back To Work
4:36pmPro: Two Stage Correction Is Essential Otherwise You Will Fail My Friend
4:42pmEvolving Technique Update: How I Deal With The Unstable Reverse
4:47pmEvolving Technique Update: The Revision Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty: How I Do It And My Results!
4:52pmEvolving Technique Update: The Acromial Stress Fracture: How I Treat, Should I Worry, How To Avoid
4:57pmCommentary: Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty Mistakes I Have Made Along The Way
5:05pmEvolving Technique Update Panel: Hot New Technology Topics in Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty: A Rapid Fire Discussion-
5:05pmPro: The Stemless Reverse: It Is Almost Here-
5:10pmPro: Platform Designs: Are They Passe Or Back To Stay-
5:15pmPro: The Newest Bearing Materials-
5:20pmThe RSA: How Young Is Too Young - What Do We Know?
5:28pmCase Presentations with Questions & Answers: Rapid Fire, Everything Arthroplasty
Case Panel Moderators
Case Panel
6:00pmEnd Of Shoulder Program-

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