December 11th – 14th, 2019, Las Vegas, NV

Non-CME Dinner Symposium – sponsored by Smith & Nephew

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Non-CME Dinner Symposium – sponsored by Smith & Nephew

Treating the complex knee: New technologies, instrumentation and surgical techniques for improving patient outcomes and expanding your practice


Charles Brown, MD


Darren Johnson, MD
Scott Faucett, MD
Armando Vidal, MD
Andrew Geeslin, MD
Nirav Amin, MD

The objectives of this workshop are to discuss and demonstrate new technologies, surgical instrumentation and surgical techniques that can be used by practicing orthopaedic surgeons to:

  • Expand indications and improve outcomes of meniscal repairs
  • Understand the role of lateral extra articular reconstruction
  • Address associated medial and posterolateral corner associated ligamentous laxities
  • Understand the proper, safe and effective use of coblation
  • Expand your practice by bridging the procedure gap between Chondroplasty and Arthroplasty

Introduction to the session: Charles Brown, MD

  • Why you should save the meniscus: Charles Brown, MD
  • Video 1: Resection bucket handle tear MM in a 15-year-old patient
  • Video 2: Effect of LM root repair on the pivot shift

Meniscal root repair

  • Clinically relevant anatomy of the meniscus: Charles Brown, MD
  • Meniscal root tears – what are they and why they should be repaired: Darren Johnson, MD

How to repair a meniscal root tear

  • 1-tunnel with First Pass Mini and UltraBraid tape:  Charles Brown, MD
  • 2-tunnels with suture: Scott Faucett, MD

Ramp lesion repair using FAST-FIX 360: Darren Johnson, MD

Lateral extra articular surgery

  • Summary of the anterolateral complex consensus paper: Andrew Geeslin, MD
  • Video: Modified Lemaire technique

How to address medial and lateral side injuries

  • Lateral (PLC) technique with S&N Extra-articular Reconstruction Guide System: Scott Faucett, MD
  • Medial side technique with S&N Extra-articular Reconstruction Guide System:Darren Johnson, MD

Proper and safe use of Coblation: Armando Vidal, MD

  • WEREWOLF and FLOW 50

The osteoarthritic knee: bridging the gap between chondroplasty and arthroplasty: Nirav Amin, MD 

Complimentary dinner is provided.

Space is limited, so please RSVP.

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Sponsored by Smith & Nephew.

This session is presented by the sponsoring company and is not part of the Orthopaedic Summit accredited program.


  • Date and Time
    Wednesday, December 5, 20186:00 - 7:30 PM
  • Room
  • Location
    Bellagio Hotel
    3600 S Las Vegas Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
    United States

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