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Spine Tech Theatre

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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Room: Salons H-K

6:55am (EST)

Welcome & Introduction

7:00am (EST)


Section Moderator:
7:00am (EST)

Spine Fellows Pediatric Spine Pathology – Dupont Medical/Seattle Children’s Hospital

7:00am (EST)

Case 1: Pediatric Spinal Deformity

7:08am (EST)

Case 2: Pediatric Spinal Deformity

7:16am (EST)

Case Discussion With Audience Questions & Answers

Case Panel Moderators:
7:22am (EST)

Update On Evaluation & Treatment Of Pediatric Spine Surgery

7:30am (EST)

Spine Fellows Tumor – Northwell Health System

7:30am (EST)

Case 1: En-bloc Resection Of A MPNST Arising In A Plexiform Neurofibroma

7:38am (EST)

Case 2: En-bloc Resection Of A C3-4 Chordoma

7:46am (EST)

Case Discussion With Audience Questions & Answers

Case Panel Moderator:
7:52am (EST)

Update On Evaluation & Treatment Of Spinal Tumors

8:00am (EST)

Spine Fellows Complications/Degenerative – Partners Hospital/Brigham & Women’s Mass General Hospital

8:00am (EST)

Case 1: This Is Not Your Usual Cauda Equina

8:08am (EST)

Case 2: Complications/Degenerative Pathology

8:16am (EST)

Case Discussion With Audience Questions & Answers

Case Panel Moderators:
8:22am (EST)

Avoiding Complications & Spinal Neoplastic Surgery: What I Have Learned

8:30am (EST)

Spine Fellows Occipital-Cervical Spine Pathologies and Complications – Emory

8:30am (EST)

Case 1: Type II Odontoid Fracture Proximal To Long Cervical Fusion

8:38am (EST)

Case 2: Atlanto-axial Instability & Osteoarthritis Proximal To A Long Cervical Fusion

8:46am (EST)

Case Discussion With Audience Questions & Answers

8:52am (EST)

Update On Evaluation & Treatment Of Cervical Spine Deformities

9:00am (EST)


9:00am (EST)

Spine Technology Theatre

9:15am (EST)

Taking Spinal Lumbar Fusion To The Outpatient Setting

9:40am (EST)

Endoscopic Posterior Cervical Foraminotomy

10:10am (EST)

Handheld Spine Navigation – Accuracy & Clinical Utility

Featured Speaker:
10:40am (EST)

What Makes The Ideal Cervical Disc Arthroplasty

11:05am (EST)

The Future Of Spinal Fusion

11:30am (EST)

What Makes The Ideal Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty

11:55am (EST)

Truss Implant Technology: Delivering Therapeutic Strain To Activate & Amplify Osteogenic Gene Expression

12:15pm (EST)

The Evolution Of Financial Planning Across A Surgeon’s Career

12:35pm (EST)

End Of Spine Program Day 2


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