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Spine Cadaver Robot Workshop

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Monday, December 13, 2021

6:50am (PST)

Welcome & Introduction

6:55am (PST)

Introduction Of Navigation & Robotic Systems & Faculty

Section Moderator:
7:00am (PST)

Applied Anatomy Of The Spine In 360 Degrees With 2D & 3D Understanding: How Robotics Control Alignment

7:10am (PST)

How Robotics Can Positively Impact The OR Workflow In Spine Procedures

7:20am (PST)

Why I Use Spinal Navigation To Reduce Radiation Exposure To Myself & My Colleagues

7:30am (PST)

How Preoperative Planning, Patient-Specific Implants & Predictive Analytics Are Shaping The Future Of Spine Surgery

7:40am (PST)

Using Enabling Technologies To Differentiate (Or Market) Your Practice: Moving Towards Outpatient Lumbar Fusion

7:50am (PST)

Single-Position Circumferential Spine Procedures Using Navigation & Robotics.

8:00am (PST)

Rotation 1: Globus Medical Excelsius GPS Robotic Technology

8:35am (PST)

Rotation 2: SeaSpine/7D Surgical Flash™ Navigation With Machine-Vision Technology
Live Demonstration showing Flash™ Navigation With Machine-Vision Technology with a proprietary technology that utilizes only visiblel light to provide 3D image guidance in less than 30 seconds with no radiation.

9:10am (PST)

Rotation 3: SI-BONE:  Optimizing Spinopelvic Fixation with iFuse Bedrock®

Learn about complications in adult spinal deformity, Sacroiliac joint and spinopelvic fixation, and iFuse Bedrock® surgical technique utilizing the SI-BONE SImulator

9:45am (PST)


10:15am (PST)

Rotation 4: Augmedics: Augmented Reality Technology For Spine Surgery
Groundbreaking xvision Spine system (XVS), the first augmented reality (AR) navigation system to be used in surgery.

10:50am (PST)

Rotation 5: Medtronic: Using Enabling Technologies To Differentiate Your Practice – Moving Towards Outpatient Lumbar Fusion
In this workshop we’ll review the latest technologies being used in degenerative spine cases, highlighting how pre-op planning, navigation, robotics, artificial intelligence, and patient-specific implants can enhance sagittal balance, biomechanical performance, construct tailoring, and patient outcomes.

11:25am (PST)

Rotation 6: Accelus REMI Robot System

12:00pm (PST)

End Of Spine Program


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