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September 13-18

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Friday, September 13, 2024

3:30pm (PST)

COMBINED TRAUMA, ELBOW, WRIST & HAND SESSION Trauma Chairs: Niloofar Deghahan, MD; James Goulet, MD Trauma Vice Chairs: Brian Mullis, MD; Patrick Schottel, MD; Samir Mehta, MD; Herrick Seigel, MD Elbow Co-Chairs: Raffy Mirzayan, MD; George A. Paletta, Jr., MD Elbow Vice Chair: Jorge L. Orbay, MD

3:30pm (PST)


Section Moderators
3:30pm (PST)

Mini-Debate: 27-Year-Old Housecleaner Falls Over A Basket Of Laundry On Outstretched Arm, Diagnosed With A Terrible Triad & A 3-Part Radial Head Fracture With Locking & Lateral Elbow Pain - Let Me Tell You How To Deal With This

Debate Moderator
3:30pm (PST)

Pro: She's Young! You Need To Fix Things! Save The Radial Head

3:35pm (PST)

Pro: No Way! It's Not A Weightbearing Joint: The Only Way To Achieve The Best Outcome Is Radial Head Replacement

3:40pm (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: The Synthetic Cartilage Radial Head: It's Here

3:40pm (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: Radial Head Replacements: Anatomic Vs. Non Anatomic, Variable Angle: I'm Not Confused - Let Me Tell You What You Need To Know

3:45pm (PST)

Feature Lecture: 46-Year-Old Male Motorcyclist Sustains Multiple Traumas, Gets Transferred To Your Hospital: The Elbow Injury Was Missed Now With Complex Elbow Instability - My Journey Over 20 Years

4:05pm (PST)


Section Moderators
4:05pm (PST)

Mini-Debate: 65-Year-Old Retired Accountant Falls On Ice & Sustains A Comminuted Distal Humerus Fracture Ice Skating

Debate Moderator
4:05pm (PST)

Pro: ORIF: Fix It To Perfection! She's Young & Active

4:10pm (PST)

Pro: Total Elbow Arthroplasty: She Will Use Her Arm Right Away, Don't Make The Mistake - Let Me Tell You Why

4:15pm (PST)

Evolving Technique: Distal Humerus Fractures: Let Me Show You The Secret Sauce How To Fix Them All

4:22pm (PST)

Evolving Technique Update: Anteromedial Facet Fractures: Exposure & Fixation

4:27pm (PST)

Evolving Technique: Hemi-Arthroplasty For Distal Humerus Fractures: When & how?

4:34pm (PST)

Case Presentations With Questions & Answers & Audience Participation: Elbow Arthroplasty & Trauma - Audience Submit Your Cases

Case Panel Moderators
Case Panel
5:00pm (PST)

End Of Elbow Session

5:00pm (PST)

Welcome Reception


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