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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Concurrent Session

6:00 am - 6:30 pmRegistration-
8:00 pm - 6:00 amExhibit Hours -
6:50amWelcome & Introduction
Section Moderator
6:55amEvolving Technique: Tibial Shaft Fractures 2018: Current concepts & How To Stay Out Of Trouble-
7:02amPanel: A 23-Year-Old Status Post Harley Davidson Wipeout With A Closed Tibial Shaft Fracture
Panel Moderator
7:02am Pro: Suprapatellar Nailing Is The Way To Go - Wake Up! Learn What Is New
7:09amPro: You Need To Cheat When Doing Suprapatellar Nailing
7:16amPro: You Are Both Crazy, Haven't You Learned Anything? Do It The Traditional Way
7:23am Commentary-
7:26am25-Year-Old English Female Horseback Rider Who Fell And Has A Proximal Third Closed Tibial Fracture: How To Handle Successfully & Return The Athlete Back To The Horse-
7:34am55-Year-Old Polo Player Fell And Was Trampled During The Game With A Distal Third Tibial Fracture: Don't Worry, We Can Get Him Back On The Horse - Let Me Show You The Way
7:42amEvolving Technique: Drip, Drip! The Draining Tibial Wound: Let Me Teach You When It Matters And When It Might Not
7:49amCase Presentations with Questions and Answers: Part II: Complications Of Tibial Fractures
Case Panel Moderator:
Case Panel:
Section Moderator
8:09amEvolving Technique: The Young Femoral Neck Fracture
8:16amPanel: The 56-Year-Old Cyclist Fell With A Markedly Displaced IT Fracture
8:16amPro: The DHS Sliding Hip Plate With A Derotational Screw: It Has Been Around For A Long Time, It Is The Right Answer
8:23amPro: Wake Up! It Is The Blade Plate, You Just Don't Know How To Do It! The Lost Art With Better Success-
8:30amPro: Minimal Is The Way To Go: 3 Screws, Let Me Tell You In What Direction
8:37amPro: Read The Literature: The IM Nail, It Is The Right Answer - Get Them Up Out Of Bed Today
8:44am77-Year-Old Status Post Intermedullary Nail For An IT Fracture, Now Needing A Total Hip Replacement - Oh The Problems, Are They Real, Should The Patient Have Had A Sliding Hip Screw
Section Moderator
8:52amLet Me Show You The Variable Angle Hip Screw, Simple, Elegant: 8 Minutes, 8 Steps All The IT Razzle Dazzle So You Stay Current
9:00amEvolving Technique Update: Opioids: Did We Do It And The Trauma - Can We Help?
9:05amThe AO Foundation Principles Guidance To Successfully Treat Fractures In Your Practice
9:05amOriginal AO Principles
9:10am60 Years Later, Still Valid?-
9:20amHow Not To Do AO-
9:30amBreak and Visit the Exhibits-
Section Moderator
10:10am56-Year-Old Falls & Sustains Subtroch Femur Fracture: How I Handle These, Do I Bone Graft, What Am I Worried About - Let Me Show You How To Make It Easy
10:18amMy Hospital Wants Me To Pick One Distal Femur Implant: There Are So Many Choices, Is There Any Difference? What I Need To Know
10:26amEvolving Technique: 27-Year-Old Ice Hockey Player With A Distal Femur Fracture That Fails: It Seems Easy To Fix, Why Do These Fail At Times-
10:33amEvolving Technique Update: Reduction Tips To Get An Anatomic Distal Femur - Stand Back! Let Me Show You The Way
10:38amEvolving Technique: The 69-Year-Old Osteoporotic Woman Who Slipped On Her Stairs In The House With A Distal Femur Fracture: Thank Goodness For The Distal Femur Plate: I Can Make Her Better-
10:45amEvolving Technique: 19-Year-Old Motocross Athlete Crashes Midair And Sustains A Distal Femoral Fracture: I Love My Plates - Why I Do Not Use The Nails-
Section Moderator
Section Moderator
10:52amPanel: The 47-Year-Old Hollywood Actor Falls In Italy And Has A Comminuted Patella Fracture
Panel Moderator
10:52am Pro: I Fix The Patella With K-Wire & Screws: Stand Back! I Can Get This Near Perfect
10:59am Pro: Anchors Away Old Man! Why Are You Using Old Technology
11:06am Pro: Wake Up All OF You! I Love The Plate For The Patella
11:13am Pro: Slow Down! If You Want Results, Excise & Advance The Tendon
11:20amHow I Get Motion After A Patella Fracture: When I Start, What I Do & How I Get My Fracture To Heal-
Section Moderator
11:28amMini-Panel: 23-Year-Old Professional Ice Skater Falls Doing A Triple Axel
Panel Moderator
11:28am Pro: Order Matters: You Need To Fix Lateral First For Stability & To Maintain The Mortus
11:33am Pro: Wrong My Compadre: Fix The Posterior Fragment First So You Get An Anatomic Reduction In A Trimalleolar Fracture
11:38amPro: Wake Up! Be The Real Surgeon - Order Doesn’t Matter, Understand The Fracture
11:43amCase Presentations with Questions and Answers: Advice From The Giants: Avoiding Complications For Trauma Surgeons
Case Panel Moderator:
Case Panel Moderator:
Case Panel:
12:03pmLunch Served-
12:18pmLunch Symposium-
1:18pmEnd Of Day-

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