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Saturday, September 24, 2022

7:10am (EST)

Welcome & Introduction

7:15am (EST)


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7:15am (EST)

Evolving Technique: 18-Year-Old Motorcyclist Collides With An 18-Wheeler, Sustains Multiple Injuries Including An Intra-articular Scapula Fracture: Let Me Tell You How & Why It Is A Future Total Joint

7:22am (EST)

Evolving Technique Update: If The Scapula Is Fractured, You Need To Look At The Whole Patient To Understand The Priorities: Does This Even Need To Be Addressed Acutely? An Algorithm For Success

7:27am (EST)

Evolving Technique Update: Total Shoulder Replacement After A Glenoid Fracture: How I Do It, How To Be Prepared – My Tips & Tricks

7:32am (EST)

Evolving Technique Update: The Acromial Stress Fracture: Don’t Forget About Me Post Reverse & Post Trauma

7:37am (EST)

Surgical Technique Mini-Panel With Video: 41-Year-Old Cyclist Competing In His First All Mountain Race, Flies Over The Handle Bars & Sustains A Clavicle Fracture

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7:37am (EST)

Pro: It’s A Distal Clavicle Fracture With Disruption Of The CC Ligaments: So Many Options, Suture, Plates, Etc. – How I Approach This

7:42am (EST)

Pro: Proximal Clavicle Fracture With SC Disruption: Be Mindful Of The Great Vessels

7:47am (EST)

Pro: It’s A Midshaft Comminuted Fracture, So Easy A Caveman Can Treat It: What To Fix, When To Ignore

7:52am (EST)

Commentary: I Have Written About It, I Have The Algorithm, Let Me Give You Insight

7:57am (EST)

Mini-Panel: 31-Year-Old Snowboarder In Vail Crashed Into Tree, Found Unconscious, Transported To Local ER, Sustains A Comminuted Proximal Humerus Fracture, Now Awake & Oriented x3

Panel Moderator:
7:57am (EST)

Pro: When Cleared For Surgery, This Will Take A Plate Every Time: Let’s Make It Anatomic

8:02am (EST)

Pro: I Agree, Wait Until Cleared But It Is An IM Rod, It’s Not That Comminuted & I Can Put The Pieces Together

8:07am (EST)

Pro: Wrong My Colleagues! It Is A Bunch Of K-Wires & It Comes Together Nicely

8:12am (EST)

Evolving Technique: Complications Of Proximal Humerus Fractures: Beware To Avoid Coming Into The Courtroom To Explain Yourself

8:19am (EST)

Proximal Humerus Fractures In The Osteoporotic Female: It’s A Different Beast – Understanding How To Proceed

8:27am (EST)

Evolving Technique Update: Can We All Agree On The Classification Of The Proximal Humerus Fracture: Let Me Convince You

8:32am (EST)

Feature Lecture: The Severely Comminuted Proximal Humerus Fracture: The Role Of The Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty: It’s The Better Answer – A Revolution & Reality

8:42am (EST)

17-Year-Old MVA In The Neuro ICU In A Coma Now 10 Days Out Still With A Fracture Dislocation Of The Shoulder & An Ipsilateral Peri-articular Elbow Fracture: How I Talk To The Family, How I Try To Solve The Problem

8:50am (EST)

Mini-Panel: 55-Year-Old Female Pickleball Champion Hears A Sudden Crack On An Amazing Serve: It’s A Midshaft Humeral Fracture, Radial Nerve Weak

Panel Moderator:
8:50am (EST)

Pro: ORIF & Explore The Radial Nerve: Plate Posteriorly

8:55am (EST)

Pro: Anterolateral Plating Is The Way To Go: Watch What I Do With The Nerve

9:00am (EST)

Pro: No Way My Colleagues! It Is A Sarmiento All The Way

9:05am (EST)

Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers

Case Panel Moderators:
Case Panel:
9:30am (EST)


10:30am (EST)


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10:30am (EST)

Evolving Technique: Management Of Peripheral Nerve Injuries In Simple & Complex Patients: Common Scenarios For All Surgeons

10:37am (EST)

Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation

10:42am (EST)

Lifetime Achievement Award: Nonunions, Malunions & The Sheer Fractures Of The Distal Humerus: Pattern Recognition, Surgical Approach & Fixation

10:57am (EST)

Debate: 69-Year-Old Retired Financial Analyst & Tennis Player Falls On Black Ice & Sustains A Comminuted Fracture Of The Distal Humerus

Debate Moderator:
10:57am (EST)

Pro: It’s Open Reduction Internal Fixation: Step-By-Step

11:02am (EST)

Pro: Time For The Total Elbow! It Is More Efficient & Returns The Patient Back To Their Activities Faster

11:07am (EST)

Feature Lecture: Managing The Unstable Elbow: What To Do When Everything Else Fails

11:17am (EST)

Evolving Technique Update: Management Of The Terrible Triad Elbow Injury: A Step-By-Step Guide To Make It Go Smoothly

11:22am (EST)

Evolving Technique Update: The Simple Elbow Dislocation: How To Treat It, When To Move It & Not Regain Full Motion

11:27am (EST)

Evolving Technique Update: The Complex Elbow Dislocation, The Monteggia Equivalent: Not So Simple, Beware! Let Me Teach You My Tricks

11:32am (EST)

Evolving Technique Update: The Isolated Proximal Ulna Fracture: Simple To Complex

11:37am (EST)

Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers: The Elbow From Simple To Complex

Case Panel Moderators:
Case Panel:
12:03pm (EST)

Panel: Distal Radius Fractures, Can’t We All Agree?

Panel Moderator:
12:03pm (EST)

Pro: I Go Volar To Make It Anatomic

12:09pm (EST)

Pro: I Go Dorsal To Make It Anatomic

12:15pm (EST)

Pro: I Do Segmental Fixation To Make It Anatomic

12:21pm (EST)

Complications I Have Seen In Plating The Distal Radius Fracture: Let Me Show You How To Avoid

12:29pm (EST)

Recognizing Instability Of The Distal Radioulnar Joint After ORIF Of The Distal Radius: What To Do & How To Do It – Tips & Tricks

12:37pm (EST)

Spanning Plate Fixation For The Poly Trauma Patient: The Whys, The Technique & The Postop Protocols

12:45pm (EST)

Lunch Served In Room

1:15pm (EST)

Debate: 16-Year-Old High School Quarterback Sustains A Minimally Displaced Scaphoid Fracture

Debate Moderator:
1:15pm (EST)

Pro: Set-up Manipulation & Percutaneous Fixation

1:20pm (EST)

Pro: Put It In A Cast: It Doesn’t Have To Be A Long Arm Thumb Spica

1:25pm (EST)


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1:25pm (EST)

Evolving Technique: Complications Of Revision Total Elbow Arthroplasty

1:32pm (EST)

Periprosthetic Fractures Around The Shoulder: Is It Cable With Fibular Strut Graft Or Is It Revised To A Longer Stem? My Success & Failures – Let Me Share

1:40pm (EST)

Clinical Case Presentations With Questions & Answers: Everything Trauma: A Potpourri – Stump The Stars

Case Panel Moderators:
Case Panel:
2:00pm (EST)

End Of UE Trauma: Shoulder, Elbow, & Wrist Combined Program


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